Bodyface are an alt-rock trio emerging from New York. Since forming in late 2008, Bodyface have toured throughout Europe and the West Coast, and their intense live-performances have garnered them a reputation as one of the most exciting acts to currently on the New York scene. Now, Bodyface are ready to release their sophomore album ‘No’.

Mastered by Tommy Uzo (Wu-Tang Clan, Field Mob, Michael Jackson), ‘No’ is a diverse listen spanning a number of influences blending a cacophony of noise rock, raw punk-rock and lo-fi grunge all served in a rampant yet morose type of effervescent honesty. Tracks such as ‘Dog’ merging brooding vocals and pounding palm-muted riffs which call to mind the abrasive melancholy of Jawbreaker merged with the overbearing pessimism of Alkaline Trio and punk-rock riffs evocative of Fat Wreck’s finest.

Elsewhere, tracks such as ‘The Retorax’ and ‘The Razor’ are reminiscent of the early 00’s MTV2 or Kerrang! style rock singles when they were at their zenith, by merging incredibly memorable lyrics with angular and deceptively intricate QOTSA-esque instrumentation and songwriting. Other tracks such as ‘It’s Hard To Be Yourself (When No One Likes You), merge high-speed, power-chord centric riffs with colossal choruses filled with reverb soaked harmonised backing vocals calling to mind bands such as Bad Religion and Rise Against.

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The album is full of songs which come across as incredibly familiar, and whilst it’s undeniably a rock album, it remains incredibly distinct within what is an increasingly plagiarised genre.

When asked why they would title an album ‘No’ the band say it is “…because we are living in an age of negativity and No is a product of its times. Art, media, politics and popular culture demand little to NO thought on the part of the citizen. People’s lives are not defined by what they are told NOT to do. To this we say, NO.”

We are currently experiencing a period wherein big choruses and sweeping vocals are increasingly seen as “uncool”, in short, a style that people are saying “NO” to. However, the multifariousness of Bodyface’s new album, make it a release that you can defiantly drown into and will encourage you to fully immerse yourself free of any pretence and will ultimately lead you to say “YES” to ‘No’.

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