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XS Noize is an independent international consortium of opinionated music lovers. Our mission is to provide insightful musical reviews, interviews, timely news and opinion. Our contributors come from various backgrounds, countries, age groups. Our musical interests span a wide array of music genres. XS Noize main headquarters is based in the ever lovely Northern Ireland with satellites in America, Scotland and England.

Our strength comes from our passion for music and an independent “tell it like it is” attitude. As our reader, we promise you we will listen to the record the whole way through and never slight you with a canned review. If all of the above appeals to you welcome fellow musical traveller and thank you for allowing us to assist you on your musical journey. We love to hear from you with your feedback.

Meet The Team:

Founder/Site Admin/Editor: Mark Millar 

Email: mark@xsnoize.com
Fav Band(s): U2, The Stone Roses
Fav Album: Achtung Baby – U2

Staff Writers:


Lori Gava
Email: lori@xsnoize.com
Fav Band(s): U2 and Radiohead
Fav Album: Achtung Baby/In Rainbows
First Gig – U2 War Tour

Laura Gamble

Fav Band(s) The Cure, Fleetwood Mac
Fav Album: Disintegration – The Cure
First Gig: Ash, Ulster Hall, 1998


Chris Snoddon

Fav Band: Depeche Mode
Fav Album: Songs of Faith & Devotion – Depeche Mode
First Gig: Erasure



David McElroy

Fav Band: Depeche Mode
Fav Album: Violator – Depeche mode

Tillie Elvrum

Fav Band: U2
Fav Album: The Joshua Tree – U2
Fav Song: Walk On – U2

Tillie can also be found at the fantastic:
nerdygirl.com http://www.thenerdygirlie.com/





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