LIVE REVIEW: The Dunts Live at SWG3, Glasgow

LIVE REVIEW: The Dunts Live at SWG3, Glasgow

Despite not being very familiar with the Dunts music before the evening of their headline show at SWG3 in Glasgow, it was clear the room was filling with young teenagers ready to sing back every word. The atmosphere was electric, filling up steadily as supports Crystal took to the stage.

Opening with their single ‘Speak of the Devil’ the bands poppy grungy energy grabs the audience by the scruff of the neck and its clear those in the first ten rows are enthralled by the band. The bands lead vocalist Anna Shields has a voice that rumbles through the audience and a stage presence that should take years to perfect, suitably warming up the next act, Voodoos.

As the band take to the stage, it’s clear there is a crowd of fans waiting just for them. With tracks like ‘Garden Ornaments’ and ‘Do It to Myself’ the crowd roar back the words to the group, who play with a swagger that suits the style of their music. Visible from the back of the room, around 10 or 15 people can be seen rising above the crowd, on the shoulder of their friend and waving their arms in the air singing along. The band finish their set strong with a track I wasn’t familiar with, but they leave the stage certainly giving the Dunts a run for their money.

However, the Dunts take to the stage and immediately show what they’re made of. For a band to have risen to this level so quickly, they need to have done so deservedly and with a set packed full of their hits, tracks like ‘Bad Decisions’, ‘Dimitri’ and ‘Birds and the Bee’s’ are just a few of the songs that vibrate the crowd. The youthful energy in the room exploded as soon as the band started playing and didn’t slow down until the very end. The Dunt’s really proved themselves to be a band for the times, giving out an energy few local acts can keep up with. A truly well-deserved sell-out show for the band.

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