VIDEO PREMIERE: Phono Pony - Back To School Special

VIDEO PREMIERE: Phono Pony - Back To School Special
Photo by: Steve Bays

Phono Pony is a glam-garage project from Canada. This multi-instrumentalist duo creates huge sounds with guitar, drums, vocals, synth and theremin. Their grit-polished sonics, style and conviction as songwriters have landed them gigs alongside Sublime w/ Rome, Snoop Dogg, Incubus, The Sheepdogs, OUGHT, Sparta and more.

Phono Pony released their first full-length record “Monkey Paw” in 2019 (prod. by Tegan and Sara recordist, Howard Redekopp) with two music videos (dir. by Brett Roberts, Vice) following shortly behind. Phono Pony performed at CBC’s JUNOfest ’18 and were introduced on The Edge 102.1 as Alan Cross’ personal pick. The band’s first EP “Death By Blowfish” was selected by Collective Arts Brewing to be featured on their nationally distributed artist series beer cans.

The band's new single, "Back To School Special," is a fuzzy glam-garage rock track that was recorded with Steve Bays (Hot Hot Heat). It's been paired with a colourful animated video our new song, “Back To School Special,” is a capsule of time and mindset that could not be more terrifying and satisfying. Conspired with producer/engineer Steve Bays (Hot Hot Heat), we hashed out the track over a few all-nighters.

Steve lent his screams and identifiable vocal charisma to the song, while we kept in our member Michael’s self-deprecating statement, “Oh my god, what is wrong with me?” exclaimed in reaction to him missing a lyric (the original will never be known).

Check out the video for 'Back To School Special' - BELOW:




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