XS Noize and Painted Halo Records are passionate advocates for new music and are delighted to provide a platform for emerging artists in the form of XS Unsigned, a monthly feature showcasing brand new talent cherry-picked from submissions by XS Noize Editor Mark Millar and Painted Halo’s boss Ivan Marziano. Great news for all you audiophiles out there, but more importantly for those whose voices deserve to be lifted from the crowd. This month it’s the turn of Babytiger.

Meet the Artist:

Artistic ambition and a desire to deliver a rewarding listening experience are central to BABYTIGER, a new band consisting of songwriter/vocalist Nicholas Miller with collaborators Bobby Love, Roberto Yanez Schmidt and Matt Evans on guitars, and Mark Hesford on drums. After releasing a slew of singles throughout 2018, which have attracted much attention from the likes of BBC Introducing, the band are now bracing themselves to release their first EP Death of the Book in September, on their own label Mourning Records. This is to be followed by a further 6-song EP called Epitaph slated for release early next year, and a vinyl album pairing up the two EPs.

Miller describes the overall song cycle as “an almost subconscious dreamscape of distant memories and dystopian futures, and through its abstract narrative [it] recounts the apocalypse as told through the eyes of the accidental annihilator.” Musically, the album combines diverse but quintessentially British influences including The Smiths, Radiohead, David Bowie and Kate Bush.


With such significant points of reference, understandably the band aims to produce an artistically successful product. When recently question on his definition of success during an interview published by the Express & Star, singer Miller replied: “We classify real success as being bold and doing something artistically valid in order to produce songs that we’re truly proud of. If we do those things well enough, then there’s hope that others will like what we do too, and in that scenario, ‘success’ in the traditional commercial sense could follow. Art is never finished until there’s an audience for it, and that is important to us.”

While their constantly-growing audience eagerly awaits the imminent release of Babytiger’s album, the efforts released to date certainly meet their own artistic ambitions, with tracks such as Bad Days reminiscing some of Thom Yorke’s more contemplative solo work, while recent single Death of the Book/Sinclair Spectrum Deathmarch sits somewhere between the Smiths’ 60s-tinged pop and classic Bowiesque phrasing.

Featured tracks:

Death of the Book/Sinclair Spectrum Deathmarch:

Bad Days:

Want more?

Facebook: www.facebook.com/nickbabytiger

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7gIDf9InIEVhj7Z4ZQYRm6

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/nickbabytiger

Bandcamp: https://babytiger.bandcamp.com/

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