TRACK PREMIERE: Angusraze – Freak Siren (Crawl)

TRACK PREMIERE: Angusraze - Freak Siren (Crawl)

Laden with trademark anxiety and dissonance, Angusraze’s newest track ‘Freak Siren (Crawl)’, is the latest production to continue the narrative cycle started with ‘Foxmask’.

The creative process behind this track – intended as all forthcoming 2021 releases for inclusion in an expanded version of last year’s opus – entailed looking back at ‘Foxmask’ itself, post-partum as it were, reflecting on the narrative and offering compounding perspectives. Sonically, the track bursts with the same apocalyptic ebullience of recent releases, yet it starts to expand the sonic palette to include more organic components, particularly close to the end of the track – perhaps a hint of what the next Angusraze cycle could sound like.

While already actively engaged in writing and recording ‘Foxmask’s successor, Angusraze felt that the complete unfolding of the project in its full vision – including a companion film and a series of visceral live performances – was stunted by last year’s events, and devised an extension of the original format to bring the cycle to its intended conclusion through a series of single releases throughout 2021.

Speaking about ‘Freak Siren (Crawl)’, Angusraze says: “Freak Siren is a recalibration of my statement of intent as an artist. ANGUSRAZE as a project to me has always been – at its core – an attempt at achieving a primal catharsis and ultimate emotional freedom while allowing others to do the same. In recent times I have felt disenfranchised and weary of the music industry and of constant cyclical gaslighting by streaming services, which in turn has led me to try and get back as much as possible to the essence of the project.

Lyrically, the song is a rallying cry and a validation of the intense freedom brought by knowing myself and recognising the emotions that have allowed me to create work, it’s a call to fellow freaks and weirdos to come together and to throw themselves around and scream along to my message so that they can be empowered the to create their own message. The single cover is the ‘Neo Soozie’, a newly formed visual logo for the ANGUSRAZE project, a meshing of all versions of Soozie into one being, an emblem of a mashed up and communicative presence that is central to the project.”

Listen to ‘Freak Siren (Crawl)’ – BELOW:


‘Freak Siren (Crawl)’ was written, recorded and mixed by Ryan Wilkinson.

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