VIDEO PREMIERE: Knightingale – ‘Skate and Destroy’ – Watch Now

VIDEO PREMIERE: Knightingale - ‘Skate and Destroy’ - Watch Now

Upcoming UK indie label Painted Halo Records have announced a new signing to their roster, Singaporean garage rockers Knightingale. The band’s first single to be released on the label is the boisterous ‘Skate and Destroy’, due for release June 26th.

Formed in early 2014, the trio are inspired by pop and rock music of the 1960s and bring in a fresh new perspective on rock’n’roll with pop-infused melodies and intense energy during their live performances. ‘Skate and Destroy’ is high-octane skater pop-punk, where escapist lyrics ride on sprightly hook-driven melodies.

About the track, the band say: “‘Skate and Destroy’ is high energy music. Something you’d wanna hear in Tony Hawk’s Pro-Skater games or a Red Bull advert. It’s a release of energy from everyday mundane life, it springs with colour, attitude, self-control and power. We also wanted to emphasise a larger-than-life experience through tracking a multitude of backing vocals in the chorus.”

The artwork for ‘Skate and Destroy’ was inspired by the children’s horror books ‘Goosebumps’ which came out during the days of 90s grunge, when the band were listening to the Seattle scene and keeping tabs on MTV. The different features in the artwork possess various meanings that are part of a bigger picture: The Samurai is a symbol for presentation and staying strong and disciplined, The Zombie is a reflection of what society is capable of doing one’s inner self, The Imprisoned Figure symbolises oppression and The Skateboard is reminiscent of pure joy. When combined, they match the song’s lyric “up in my head / all in my heart”.

Check out the exclusive XS Noize video premiere of ‘Skate and Destroy’ – BELOW:

Knightingale currently have a self-titled EP, two singles with the latest being ‘Skate and Destroy’, and a debut album God Damn Youth currently under their wing.

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