TRACK OF THE DAY – Cardiochaos – ‘Brother of Sleep’

TRACK OF THE DAY - Cardiochaos – 'Brother of Sleep'

Cardiochaos is the solo electro-alternative pop music project of Viennese musician and filmmaker, Peter Brunner. Brunner suffers from extrasystoles that he feels in his chest – additional heartbeats that appear between regular beats, known as cardiac irregularity and also the source of inspiration behind the music project’s name “Cardiochaos”. The supposedly harmless defect has a creative side effect: his heart won’t let the musician rest, so he confronts the irregular rhythm in his chest with the hard beats in his songs.

In addition to being a musician, the former student of Michael Haneke at the Vienna Film Academy also works as a filmmaker. After his first two feature films “My Blind Heart“ and “Those Who Fall Have Wings” ( also the name of his second album), Bruner’s English debut, “To The Night” (2018) was called a “psychological acid trip of a movie” by The Hollywood Reporter and premiered at Central and Eastern Europe’s leading film event, the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. This year the principal photography starts for his psychological horror-drama “The Split Tongue” and will be produced by Austrian film director, writer and producer Ulrich Seidl.

Intense waves of brooding electro beats open “Brother Of Sleep”, which is another tantalising song from the impending new album – “The Space Between The Notes”. Brunner’s vocal hypnotises you immediately with rough edges of echoed emotion in the opening lyric: “Easily, I have to choose my power/ I want to come home/ I need to relax”. With just that one line, Brunner articulately conveys a man on the edge. His vocal epitomises the cry of a tortured soul as he sings, “A dreaming heart should never stop to beat” – a poetic, clever reference to his own heartbeat irregularity.

Brunner finds a sadistic pleasure to his darkness: “I wanna save this feeling – to feel it from beginning to end” – his yearning vocal charged by a retro European energy. Brunner’s music videos, like his films, often have a dark, psychological side and the video is a perfect partner to the song with its slightly disturbing portrayal of Brunner coming undone in the office.

Shimmering synths are in sync to Brunner’s jagged, haunting, airy vocals whilst a constant pulse of electronica throbs like a heartbeat. Cardiochaos’ third album, “The Space Between the Notes” is scheduled for release on the 31st May 2019, with live dates to follow.

Check out the video for “Brother Of Sleep” – BELOW:

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