TRACK PREMIERE: LASHES Return with Epic New Single ‘BLISS’ - Listen Now

TRACK PREMIERE: LASHES Return with Epic New Single ‘BLISS’ - Listen Now

Following Classic Rock Magazine’s seal of approval and widespread rock media acclaim for their debut roots-rock single Daydreamer, London rockers Lashes are back with another new song. The epic Bliss showcases the soaring vocals of Harry White alongside a rolling soundscape of 70s-influenced riffs and places them at the forefront of the new wave of 21st Century rock bands well versed in the musical icons of the past.

“Bliss is a dialogue between two people – telling each other not to be disillusioned with life, as everything in front of them is for the taking,” explains LASHES’ Harry White. “The message is: everyone has the right to choose and plan the path they’re on – but when you take the overthinking, worry and self-doubt away if you follow your dreams and let life run its course…life is Bliss.”

Influenced by rock n’ roll icons Bob Dylan, The Band and The Faces, LASHES aim to bring new energy to the genre along with their own distinctive personalities and melodies. Named on a night out on ‘the lash’, these four London lads are a throwback to when rock bands could play all night, party until the morning and then get up to do it all over again. As part of a rising movement of young rock bands taking up the mantle from their ageing heroes, LASHES will be releasing new music and playing live throughout 2019.

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