Track of the Day: Cardiochaos – “Wine & Champagne”

Track of the Day: Cardiochaos - “Wine & Champagne”

Cardiochaos is the solo electro-alternative pop music project of Viennese musician and filmmaker, Peter Brunner. Brunner suffers from extrasystoles that he feels in his chest – additional heart beats that appear between regular beats, known as cardiac irregularity and also the source of inspiration behind the music project’s name “Cardiochaos”. The supposedly harmless defect has a creative side effect: his heart won’t let the musician rest, so he confronts the irregular rhythm in his chest with the hard beats in his songs.

In addition to being a musician, the former student of Michael Haneke at the Vienna Film Academy also works as a filmmaker. Apart from short films and music videos his work includes his debut feature film My Blind Heart, which won numerous awards at international film festivals. Brunner’s second feature film Those Who Fall Have Wings – which is also the name of Cardiochaos’ second album – was awarded the prestigious Special Jury Prize at the 50th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2015. Brunner has just completed work this month in New York on his third feature film To The Night.

Cardiochaos’ influences are hook –heavy, radio-friendly alternative acts like The Knife or The Cure refracted through the prism of Cardiochaos’ weirdness. Brunner found his own voice on “Those Who Fall Have Wings” with hauntingly airy vocals, hypnotic hooks that ward off the darkness and beats which make the dead dance. The filmmaker’s music videos are intense, visually stunning and often disturbing worlds of imagery – none more so than on Youth Has Gone – a beautiful song on its own but Brunner brings darkness to the video with images of a gilded woman desperately searching for perpetual youth. The song itself is currently on rotation on Austria’s radio station FM4.

Today marks the release of the EP Wine & Champagne on Smile records – the same stable that brought us singer-songwriter Dede, recently featured here at XS Noize. “Wine & Champagne” is snappy, sharp and immediately appeals. It carries an electro-charged eccentric techno beat that drives the song forward. It has a catchy chorus and plenty of European retro energy. “Go by your instincts, go by your heart” he cries accompanied by “woah –oohs” and a fast, frenetic pace.

The music video, once again written and directed by Brunner compliments the song perfectly. It celebrates rebellion and taking matters into your own hands. The video premiered on November 18th – check it out BELOW:

The EP includes a remix of Wine & Champagne by Valesta aka Georg Lichtenauer, a highly regarded Austrian producer, referred to as “the man who never sleeps” by Austrian Radio FM4. He was also a member of electro-pop band Ghost Capsules and has remixed for the likes of Steve Hewitt and Dolores O’Riordan, as well as constantly writing his own material. He slows the tempo down and provides a chilled, funky electro beat, adding layers of rich, textured synth sounds. It’s percussively strong and succeeds in enhancing the song further. It partners the original perfectly.

“Wine & Champagne” will be featured on Cardiochaos’ third album scheduled for release in Spring 2017, followed by an international tour.

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