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GIRLS NAMES: Unveil epic new track 'ZERO TRIPTYCH' - Listen

Today, ahead of its Friday (October 2nd) release on the esteemed Tough Love Records, Belfast’s Girls Names are streaming their third LP, Arms Around a Vision, in full. You can hear it BELOW: Quite easily the band’s most direct and confrontational outing to date – both lyrically and musically – Arms Around a Vision soars with the modulating elegance of Can or Neu, roars with the clatter and clang of Glenn Branca or Rhys Chatham’s guitar orchestras and unnerves with the biting dissonance of early NYC no wave.

It marks the start of what’s set to be a very busy few months for the Northern Irish quartet, with the band set to embark on a lengthy string of dates across the UK and Europe, beginning this weekend with album launch shows in Belfast and Dublin. Full details of which – alongside more info about the album – can be found below.

Listen to ‘Arms Around a Vision’ BELOW:
More about Girls Names and Arms Around a Vision:

Northern Ireland’s Girls Names return this autumn with their third full-length album, Arms Around a Vision, due for an October 2nd release via long-term home, Tough Love Records.

“We look to Europe for inspiration. For romance. For the idea of a better life,” says the band’s frontman,Cathal Cully, when discussing the album. “For me, living in Belfast just makes you focus on your own art.”

True, Girls Names formed in Belfast, but they’ve long considered themselves a European band. The distinction is important – their vision of Europe is one of weird, labyrinthian histories, blackest-ever-black coffee, and long drives to dismal places. Romantic notions for those of a certain disposition, but behind the thousand-yard stares they’ve always been a soft-hearted lot. As the title of Arms Around a Visionwould suggest, they’re all set to let love in.

The band initially came together as a relatively lean two-piece back in the summer of 2010, but over the course of a handful of EPs and three very different albums, they’ve grown in number and ambition. Their last album, The New Life, was an unexpected underground hit in early 2013, taking the band around the world and garnering much critical praise, culminating in nominations for both the Northern Irish and Irish Music Prizes. Emboldened by the reception to that record, in March they returned with an 11-minute single that was played in full on Radio 1 and, typically, does not feature on their new album. Girls Names like to do things a little differently.

On Arms Around a Vision, they’re more widescreen than ever but also more direct and aggressive. Recorded and self-produced by the band and mixed by Dan Rejmer (Ben Frost, Tim Hecker), the bass, drums and guitars are still there, but so are saxophones, organs, detuned broken guitars and pianos, and even sheets of metal assaulted with hammers. Conceptually, Arms Around a Vision acts as a love letter to European elegance – Italian futurism, Russian constructivism, Germany’s Zero Group and both Neubaten and Bowie’s Berlin.

Love and pain, romance and fucking. It’s all in there somewhere. Grand claims, perhaps, but in an ever bleak world, why not skygaze? The album opens with ‘Reticence’, a song in two parts that’s half metallic knockout, half midnight swagger. It sounds unlike anything they’ve ever done before, and is a perfect primer for an album that treads a course between Eno-era Roxy sleaze, Birthday Party dissonance and M.E.S’ three R’s: repetition, repetition, repetition.

As confident as it sounds, hardship has equally played a role in shaping Arms Around a Vision. “I’m not starving or anything, but I’ve practically been living hand to mouth since I was 22,” confirms Cully. “Most guitar music now is just a playground for the rich middle classes and it’s really boring and elitist. We’re elitist in our own way, in that we’re on our own and you can’t fuck with us when we’ve nothing to lose”. The near-6 minute ‘A Hunger Artist’ tackles that subject full on, addressing that age old adage of suffering for one’s art.

While the songs aren’t narrative-driven as such – the band still generally favour abstraction and ambiguity – there is a consistent underlying message: “We’ve got nothing. We’ve never had anything. And we don’t expect to. The only person I ever wanted to impress was myself. I’ve never got anywhere close to succeeding in doing that until this album. I’m proud of it. I think I can start saying I’m a musician now.”

Arms Around a Vision is available from October 2nd on Tough Love Records.

You can pre-order Arms Around a Vision on limited cream vinyl, HERE.

UK/EU Live Dates:
Oct 2 | Empire Music Hall, Belfast, UK
Oct 3 | Whelanslive, Dublin, EI
Oct 15 | Shipping Forecast, Liverpool, UK
Oct 16 | Beacons Metro Festival in Association with DIY, Leeds, UK
Oct 17 | The Musician, Leicester, UK
Oct 18 | Start the Bus, Bristol, UK
Oct 19 | 100 Club, London, UK TICKETS
Oct 21 | Hope & Ruin, Brighton, UK
Oct 23 | Chaufferie de la Moulin Rouge, Paris, FR
Oct 24 | Jazpana Fest, Beasain, ES
Oct 25 | Asklepios, Valladolid, ES
Oct 26 | Café au Lait, Porto, PT
Oct 27 | Sabotage Club, Lisbon, PT
Oct 28 | El Sol, Madrid, ES
Oct 29 | Heliogàbal, Barcelona, ES
Oct 31 | Soy Festival, Nantes, FR
Nov 1 | Sonic Lyon, Lyon, FR
Nov 3 | Le Mura, Rome, IT
Nov 4 | Mattatoio Culture Club, Carpi, IT
Nov 5 | Teatro Altrove, Genova, IT
Nov 6 | Club Mame, Padova, IT
Nov 7 | Le Port France, Sion, CH
Nov 9 | Haus Mainusch, Mainz, DE
Nov 10 | Tanzcafé Ilses Erika, Leipzig, DE
Nov 11 | Kantine am Berghain, Berlin, DE
Nov 13 | Übel & Gefählich, Hamburg, DE
Nov 14 | Border Crossing Festival, The Hague, NL

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