GIRLS NAMES: Unveil epic new track 'ZERO TRIPTYCH' - Listen

Today Belfast’s Girls Names debut their music video for 'A Hunger Artist' from Arms Around a Vision out Oct 2 on Tough Love. Directed by Matthew Reed, the new video is an homage to British music TV of the 70’s and 80’s, which introduced the then-rising punk and art rock movement of artists like The Fall, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Iggy Pop, and others. Reed explains, “The video is a homage to the types of performances you used to see on British TV programs like Tony Wilson's ‘The Other Side of Midnight' in the eighties.

We wanted to try and capture the weird atmosphere those performances had. When you found spiky, totally avant garde music suddenly sharing space with stilted and awkward regional TV. With a bit of humor thrown in for good measure."

You can watch it BELOW:

UK/EU Live Dates:
Oct 2 | Empire Music Hall, Belfast, UK
Oct 15 | Shipping Forecast, Liverpool, UK
Oct 16 | Beacons Metro Festival in Association with DIY, Leeds, UK
Oct 17 | The Musician, Leicester, UK
Oct 18 | Start the Bus, Bristol, UK
Oct 19 | 100 Club, London, UK TICKETS
Oct 21 | Hope & Ruin, Brighton, UK
Oct 23 | Chaufferie de la Moulin Rouge, Paris, FR
Oct 24 | Jazpana Fest, Beasain, ES
Oct 25 | Asklepios, Valladolid, ES
Oct 27 | Sabotage Club, Lisbon, PT
Oct 28 | El Sol, Madrid, ES
Oct 29 | Heliogàbal, Barcelona, ES
Nov 3 | Le Mura, Rome, IT
Nov 4 | Mattatoio Culture Club, Carpi, IT
Nov 5 | Teatro Altrove, Genova, IT
Nov 6 | Club Mame, Padova, IT

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