TRACK OF THE DAY: BUTTERFLY CHILD - 'Lost In These Machines' - (VIDEO) 2

‘Lost In These Machines’ is the first taster from Butterfly Child’s new album ‘Futures’, to be released on Dell’Orso Records on vinyl, CD and digital formats late November. Like many of Butterfly Child’s past recordings ‘Lost In These Machines’ is euphorically melancholic, Joe’s plaintive vocals romanticising the loss of happiness whilst the subsiding firestorm of guitars interlock with the gentle cogs of a ticktocking drum machine.

This is the forlorn, insular sound of love breaking down consoled by the giddy haze of nostalgia. Hailing originally from Belfast, Butterfly Child released their first two EPs on A.R Kane’s H.Ark! label before signing to Rough Trade for the debut album ‘Onomatopoeia’ (1993).

Their second album, ‘The Honeymoon Suite’ was released by Dedicated in 1995. ‘Futures’ was solely recorded, engineered and mixed by Joe Cassidy in his home studio in LA, over the last three years. Restrictions and singularity proved to be a catalyst for innovation.

As Joe explains: “When I started working on the record I happened to find the same drum machine that I used on the old Butterfly Child records from the early 90’s at a thrift store for £10. I enjoyed the simplicity and lack of options it presented. Even though I rarely follow this train of thought, sometimes less is more”.

This, more or less, is the sound of ten thousand jets.

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