Check out this weeks 'Vinyl Five for Monday 23/2/15', The essential vinyl you should own this week, carefully selected by Kenny Murdock from Belfast's best vinyl record store 'Sick Records Belfast'.

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John-Carpenter-Vortex-Sacred-BonesJohn Carpenter – Lost Themes (Sacred Bones)

Lost Themes is a debut album of sorts. It’s the first non-soundtrack material from the legendary 67 year-old filmmaker/producer/composer, responsible for classics such as Hallowe’en and Assault On Precinct 13. It’s not a huge departure from his earlier scores, with dark, sinister atmospherics created by trademark synth driven compositions but, free from visuals, these tracks pulse and breathe on their own. Hardly ground-breaking but a fascinating listen.


Quarterbacks – S / T (Team Love)

quarterbacks-stNew York’s Quarterbacks meld the naïve charm of the UK C86 movement with a spikier, punk ethos to craft brief, yet memorable, songs of teenage reminiscences and unrequited love. Songwriter Dean Eagle knows that the biggest sin in pop music is the song which hangs around too long, hence Quarterbacks is a short, sharp blast of 19 songs in little over 22 minutes.
Eagle’s vocals seem slight at first but with repeated listens, you’ll warm to the self-confessional nature of the lyrics juxtaposed with these explosive, vibrant tunes. These kids are alright !


Pattern Forms - Other Voices 03 & Steve Moore - Other Voices 04 (Ghost Box 7” singles)

Pattern Forms – Other Voices

The next two singles in the “Other Voices” series are both familiar slices of ‘70s synth loveliness from Pattern Forms (Jon Brooks & Sean O’Hagan) and Steve Moore (Zombi). The standout is 04, a gloriously vivid image of an austere world, where beauty, in the shape of archive analogue recordings, is shared by our android over-lords to soothe anxieties in a cold, dystopian future.


Populaire Mechanik Kollektion 03: Compiled By Holger Hiller (Bureau B)

Populaire Mechanik Kollektion 03:Populaire Mechanik was a post-punk, jazz bastard project created by Wolfgang Seidel, friend and sometime musical partner of Conrad Schnitzler and founder member of Ton Steine Scherben. This collection has been curated by Holger Hiller, best known as a vocalist for Palais Schaumberg. Hiller presents tracks from two cassette productions which Seidel released in the early ‘80s. Comes with a booklet featuring an interview which Hiller conducted with Seidel in which they discussed the function of Rock and Pop music over the last 45 years.


Iron & Wine – Archive Series Volume 1 (Black Cricket Recording Company)

Iron & Wine – Archive Series Volume 1In Archive Series Volume 1, Sam Beam has re-visited his early demos, live sets and home recordings for this collection of songs dating from the time of “The Creek Drank The Cradle” LP, now released on his own Black Cricket Recordings label. There are familiar themes at play here as Beam documents his memories of loved ones and places close to his heart in his trade-mark honeyed burr. What’s startling here is just how this material has been neglected for so long and while much of it has been bootlegged and shared through the years, it’s great to see it receive a proper vinyl release.


Halshug – Blodets Band (Southern Lord)

Halshug – Blodets BandHalshug are Danish Anarcho-Crust-Punk-Hardcore with much in common with Hexis, Trap Them and even punk legends Discharge. On Blodets Band, they practically eschew melody for brutal cacophony, their take on the harsh, endless winters of their Scandanavian homeland. The music is dark. Black in fact. And un-compromising. Play on repeat to break the will of a hostage or chasten terrorists from their hiding place. You will capitulate !


Sick Records Belfast
78 North Street
Belfast, United Kingdom
Tel: 028 9031 9358

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