Check out this weeks 'Vinyl Five for Monday 16/2/15', The essential vinyl you should own this week, carefully selected by Kenny Murdock from Belfasts best vinyl record store 'Sick Records Belfast'.

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John-Carpenter-Vortex-Sacred-BonesJohn Carpenter – Lost Themes (Sacred Bones)

Lost Themes is a debut album of sorts. It’s the first non-soundtrack material from the legendary 67 year-old film-maker/producer/composer, responsible for classics such as Hallowe’en and Assault On Precinct 13. It’s not a huge departure from his earlier scores, with dark, sinister atmospherics created by trademark synth driven compositions but, free from visuals, these tracks pulse and breathe on their own. Hardly ground-breaking but a fascinating listen.


Cat’s Eyes – The Duke Of Burgundy (RAF)

cats eyesCat’s Eyes are, Canadian Soprano and multi-instrumentalist, Rachel Zeffira and Faris Badwan, frontman of gothic popsters The Horrors. The Duke Of Burgundy is their second album together and is genuinely, jaw-droppingly stunning. This album will remind you of the archive nature of the Ghost Box label, hinting at innocence, at odds with the erotic subject matter of the movie, and a more-innocent music style. Lush orchestration and Zeffira’s heart-stopping vocals combine to make The Duke Of Burgundy an early contender for Album Of The Year.


Aine O’Dwyer – Music For Church Cleaners (MIE Music)

Aine O’Dwyer – Music For Church CleanersHaving been granted access to a church organ in Islington, O’Dwyer found she was sharing the time with a team of cleaners who were oblivious to the recording. What materialises is a warm, funny, yet entirely credible document of the clash of artistic endeavour and the reality of ‘trading hard-earned time for pay’. O’Dwyer coaxes the organ into life, groaning and wheezing it’s way through gorgeous original pieces of music while hoovers, gossip and bored children only add to the organic nature of the recording. Incredibly rewarding for those brave enough and curious enough to seek it out.


The Wave Pictures – Great Big Flamingo Burning Moon (Moshi Moshi)

The Wave Pictures – Great Big Flamingo Burning Moon For their 14th album, The Wave Pictures have teamed up with “painter, author, poet, photographer, film-maker, singer and self-styled amateur punk guitarist”, Billy Childish.His influence is clear from the opening few bars of the title track which adds bite to their trademark indie-pop sound but the whole project benefits from a less-professional production and Childish’s ability to encourage the band’s disparate influences and wildest post-punk leanings. A career highlight.


Various Artists – Reverb Conspiracy Volume 3 (Fuzz Club)

Various Artists – Reverb Conspiracy Volume 3Volume three of the Reverb Conspiracy series brings together a mix of big-names and obscure European bands , currently active, in the Psych/Fuzz genre. The quality remains high throughout with some familiar material (Goat) given fresh re-mixes by some huge names (Anton Newcombe). This album also displays what rude health the genre enjoys in 2015, from the pounding “You Now” by Oslo’s Deathcrush, the driving komische of “Ausland” by Berlin’s Camera to the soaring, cinematic groove of “Away From The Water” by London’s Lola Colt. We await volume 4 with whetted lips.


Surgeon – Fixed Action Pattern (Token)

Surgeon – Fixed Action PatternAnthony Child has been releasing Electronic music under the “Surgeon” moniker for over 20 years now. He debuts here, on the Token label, with two very different mixes of Fixed Action Pattern. The A-side is a filthy stomper aimed, simply, at filling dancefloors while the flipside is a gentler, more hypnotic mix, adding melancholia and atmosphere. Still a titan of Techno.




Sick Records Belfast
78 North Street
Belfast, United Kingdom
Tel: 028 9031 9358

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