DAMIEN DEMPSEY announces ‘All Back to Damos’ – a traditional one-night-only St. Patrick’s Day celebration

DAMIEN DEMPSEY announces 'All Back to Damos' - a traditional one-night-only St. Patrick's Day celebration

Damien Dempsey is an innately proud Dubliner. He is an ex-boxer turned professional singer-songwriter that is known for being the gentlest of giants. In March, Damien is revisiting an array of fan favourites for a particularly poignant online concert. The evening (available worldwide) will feature the very best of Damien’s songs and traditional favourites especially dedicated to Ireland’s biggest celebration of the year.

When growing up, Damien Dempsey looked upon Irish greats like Christy Moore, Shane McGowan and Luke Kelly for his musical influences. Now an impressive 20 years into his career, Damien has grafted hard to create a reputation as an authentic homegrown artist who focuses on raw topics of importance, derived from Damien’s early experiences. After suffering devastating depression in his teenage years that led to heavy drinking, Damien understands the depths of his listener’s struggles and is certainly not disillusioned by the success he has seen in his career. From this motivation, Damien powers his politically fuelled and brutally honest conversation with the immense pride of his heritage.

“For a long time, I’ve sought out true Irish history because a lot of what we were taught in school and in Irish history books is a very sanitised version of it.”

On the 17th of March, Damien Dempsey will deliver a traditional Irish celebration for his fans. Damien has re-arranged and reinvented popular tracks for the night’s entertainment.

Tickets on sale now, here.

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