Catch the rhythm of new quarantine reality 

Catch the rhythm of new quarantine reality 
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The whole world woke up in a completely new reality. In just several days we became our own heroes by staying at home, not touching anything as well as not seeing anyone. From one point of view it should be very simple, no stress, no issues, but people all over the world are missing each other and the things that seemed very ordinary that we can’t enjoy anymore. 

The whole world is practising social distancing. The borders are closed and the countries have gone into full lockdown. The new measures have been implemented in most of the countries throughout the world to prevent further spread of the highly-contagious virus and to avoid the increase in the number of infected people. 

COVID-19 has already impacted the lives of millions of people all over the world. There are over 2 million infected people and over a hundred thousand people have passed away. Any measures that can prevent further spread of the virus are very much welcome. Coronavirus pandemic has already affected our ordinary lives. Almost every industry has taken a hit and was forced to act appropriately.

The new trend, we are going online 

It is a very well known fact that music can be the only source of relief in very tiring and tough situations. The music industry, unfortunately, is not an exception to the COVID-19 outbreak impact. Major events, festivals, big concerts have been cancelled or postponed. Even clubs and bars are closed, which means that people are no longer able to visit venues in order to listen to their favourite musicians and simply relax. 

This whole situation is especially hard for artists, who have been creating music and had to postpone their events due to the pandemic. Though it is also very hard for the people for whom going to the pubs and clubs was an essential part of their daily lives. It is extremely hard for them to stay home for most of the time and listen to the silence. 

In these terms, just like many other industries, the music industry also found a comprehensive decision and a way out. Many musicians and DJs decided to Livestream their events. Many studios have dedicated special rooms for those willing to break free with music. This is not easy, but nobody promised that it would be. 

We have to get used to the current situation and reality that we woke up in. Many industries have found solutions in the online world. Thus, industries such as food and beverages, shopping, music and even gambling have switched to the online world. People now have plenty of time in order to check out their favourite games, music and even museums, without leaving their homes. 

Even the giant industries, like gambling, have completely gone online. After the closure of all land-based casinos, people still have to entertain themselves at least somehow while staying at home. The online casinos are a perfect solution. Casino online games have always been popular with the gamblers, but especially now, when online gambling is the only possible option, the number of players has increased significantly. 

The same can be said about the music industry. Some people were not able to attend the concerts of their favourite musicians or DJs. Now, with the live streaming and online concerts of the world’s top artists, it is possible to attend any concert for free without even leaving your couch. You simply need to turn on the appropriate channel and check the event date and time. 

Music Breaks Free 

The music industry has not sunk, it is flourishing, with different tools. Many big events such as Tomorrowland, the Ultra and others have created online events with the similar lineups they used to have. This is indeed one of the smartest moves from the organizers and very encouraging for those who are stuck inside, so basically for everyone. 

Particular artists and bands, who had to cancel or postpone concerts are now hosting the online live events. Resident Advisor, and Boiler Room which are considered to be the most famous underground music platforms host almost daily events for their listeners. DJs like Armin Van Buuren, Nicolas Jaar, Anna Tur, Sofi Tukker, Diplo, Nina Kraviz, Tiesto, David Guetta have all performed live in front of their loyal audiences. Resident Advisor, did not break the tradition and warned every visitor not to take screenshots during the live. 

Artists like Marshmello, Coldplay, Disclosure, James Blake and many many more have also performed in front of their audiences with great pleasure. Some events are free, while others are not. Money collected from the tickets sold for these online concerts is fully donated to the COVID-19 Relief Fund. 

During this very tough time, every single person must try to maintain a positive attitude in general. Music was always a way of relaxation. This time is not an exception. We are all sure that we will soon be able to welcome our favourite artists on stage with a round of applause, but until then, we should all contribute to the well being of the society and practice necessary measures to stay safe. We fight together, we dance together. 

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