#27: XS Noize Music Podcast Feat: Singer/Songwriter Willow Robinson

#27: XS Noize Music Podcast Feat: Singer/Songwriter Willow Robinson

Welcome to episode #27 of the XS Noize Music Podcast with Mark Millar. On This weeks show Mark Millar is joined by singer/songwriter Willow Robinson.

22 year old singer/songwriter Willow Robinson was born in Los Angeles and grew up between the Welsh Borders and London where he is now based. With influences ranging from Mick Jagger to Otis Redding, his guitar driven, soulful, rock n roll meets folk songs are full of raw emotion. After signing to record label Clark & McGee Ltd in 2015 and playing a series of support slots with artists including The Jesus and Mary Chain and Killing Joke he has recently released his second EP called Ocean Blue.

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This weeks featured track is ‘Your Animal’ from Illustr8ors. In Their Own Words:

In one breath illustrators is a metamorphosis, and a stubborn stride towards a place where the core components of rock’n’roll exist in a relative and contemporary time. In another breath illustr8ors is just a contemporary rock band giving a f**k about what it means to be alive in music now. Not yesterday, not tomorrow, but right now”

In their previous guise, as BlackWolf, illustr8ors scored tours and supports with the likes of The Temperance Movement, Winger, Blues Pills, Von Hertzen Brothers and The Answer to name a few; a nomination for Classic Rock Magazine’s ‘Best New Band’ roll of honour award, numerous playlist slots on major rock radio stations and a debut headline tour endorsed by Planet Rock Radio. However, it was time for a change. A time for a more decisive stride towards a definitive and individual sonic identity. A rebirth. That’s when illustr8ors were born.

Featuring four white hot songs, the band’s self titled ep is sharp, drenched in groove, ladened with hooks and melody, whilst intelligent and a straight to the point collection of music. No messing about, no gimmicks…this is what rock music sounds like right NOW.

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