XS NOIZE – Unsigned Showcase #16 – Guns of the Seneca

XS NOIZE – Unsigned Showcase #16 - Guns of the Seneca

At XS Noize, new music is dear to our hearts and we believe that genuinely talented fresh artists deserve a platform to share their material with the world. As such, we will now be showcasing one unsigned act every week, hand picked from submissions by Tom Day for the world to hear. Great news for all you audiophiles out there, but more importantly for those who’s voices deserve to be lifted from the crowd. This week it’s the turn of Guns of the Seneca.

Artist: Guns of the Seneca

For Fans Of: And So I Watch You From Afar, Metallica, Jimi Hendrix

In Their Own Words:

Guns of the Seneca is an experimental, multi-genre trio formed in late 2007 by bassist Grant Olivier, guitarist David Plair, and drummer Britton Frost. “Guns of the Seneca” refers to mistpouffers –mysterious booming noises heard over Lake Seneca, NY that are thought to be the guns and cannons of the lost soldiers of the Battle of Seneca Town during the Revolutionary War. Since GotS are from a community surrounded by water, they found this name fitting to explain their experimental sound.

GotS live by the DIY ethical mantra having completely built their studio from the ground up, and are responsible for all writing, recording and the mixing process of their work.

Featured Tracks:

Tell Them About the Frequencies (We’ve Found):



Sensory Distortions:


Why Tom chose Guns of the Seneca for the showcase:

Because they’re epic. Not in the broad spectrum compliment sense but quite literally. Their music is layered up to the eyeballs and quite frankly, brilliant. It barely even registers that they are mostly instrumental as it just doesn’t matter that there’s very little vocal and they blew me away in one track. They successfully move from tranquil to blistering in a moment and their stuff is so tight if you stuck coal in it you’d get a diamond back out and I’m still trying to work out how 3 people make such an enormously complicated sound!

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