XS Noize Podcast: #11: Mathew Priest from Dodgy talks forthcoming album ‘What Are We Fighting For’

Dodgy announce new album + UK tour dates

Dodgy were originally together for seven years and in that time, released three albums totalling over a million sales worldwide and had 12 Top 40 singles, including Staying Out For The Summer, If You’re Thinking Of Me and Good Enough. On 2nd September 2016 Dodgy are to release their new album ‘What Are We Fighting For’ on Cherry Red Records. 

‘What Are We Fighting For’ is the fifth album from the original Dodgy line-up – Nigel Clark, Mathew Priest and Andy Miller – and the first of new material since their widely lauded comeback reunion album, ‘Stand Upright In A Cool Place’. It is also the first album to feature relatively new member Stu Thoy on bass and vibes, who joined the band to help them tour the last album and has managed to hang on in there ever since, and their first for new label Cherry Red Records. Mark Millar caught up with Dodgy hitman Mathew Priest to chat all about it.

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This weeks unsigned band is Guns of the Seneca. You can hear their track: Largo Parenchyma from their album Citizens of the Universe.

Guns of the Seneca

Our own Tom Day said about Guns of the Seneca:

They’re epic. Not in the broad spectrum compliment sense but quite literally. Their music is layered up to the eyeballs and quite frankly, brilliant. It barely even registers that they are mostly instrumental as it just doesn’t matter that there’s very little vocal and they blew me away in one track. They successfully move from tranquil to blistering in a moment and their stuff is so tight if you stuck coal in it you’d get a diamond back out and I’m still trying to work out how 3 people make such an enormously complicated sound!

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