JAMES DEAN BRADFIELD announces INSPIRED BY JARA a three-part podcast series


JAMES DEAN BRADFIELD’s forthcoming album EVEN IN EXILE will be accompanied by a three-part podcast series. INSPIRED BY JARA delves into the world of Chilean musician and activist Victor Jara and his enduring cultural influence that still resonates after his death.

Working with award-winning producer Steffan Garrero (The Socially Distant Sports Bar), James has conceived and created a warm, inspiring and often poignant series in which he talks to fellow musicians, actors, poets and politicians about Jara’s life, work and legacy. It features tracks from EVEN IN EXILE as well as incidental music recorded specifically for the series by James.

INSPIRED BY JARA: Part 1 looks at the impact of Jara’s work on modern music and features interviews with Joey Burns from Calexico and Charlie Burchill from Simple Minds (5th August).

Part 2 looks at Jara in the wider arts landscape and speaks to Oscar winner Emma Thompson and choreographer Christopher Bruce who created the Jara inspired ballet Ghost Dances for the Rambert Dance Company (12th August).

Part 3 focuses on Jara’s influence over protest singing. James interviews writer Dorian Lynskey (33 Revolutions Per Minute); singers Dafydd Iwan and Holly Near; Labour MP for Cardiff West Kevin Brennan as well as EVEN IN EXILE co-writer and inspiration Patrick Jones (19th August)

Listen to INSPIRED BY JARA via Spotify or Apple Podcasts.


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