VIDEO PREMIERE: The Belafontes - 'Big Man' - Watch Now

VIDEO PREMIERE: The Belafontes - 'Big Man' - Watch Now

We all know a big man. He’s the kind of guy who hangs around way too late at the end of parties and refuses to let the dream die. He’s the one who tells you he can speak another language, but only really knows how to say hello and goodbye, which are the same word. He works a 9-5 in a suit, but gets loose with the boys and traps you in a “deep” conversation at 1 am.

Big man is our ode to big men everywhere and their big-noting ways. It was inspired by a particular big man in our life who shows up when we least expect it to ruin our day, but you can go ahead and apply it to all the big men out there who make your life just a little bit crappier.

Watch the video for 'Big Man' - BELOW:


The Belafonte's are a 2 piece that sounds like a 5 piece. After a string of bass players that didn’t work out, the husband and wife team decided to go duo, but they didn’t want to sacrifice the Belafontes sound: They don’t do it using loops or backing tracks, or the “white stripes” stripped back method. Paul re wires guitars to go to 3 different amps, plays in alternate tunings, and weaves lead and rhythm sounds together in one song. Jess stands up so she can dance while kicking a hole through the bass drum; tambourines and other paraphernalia are suspended from cymbals for maximum volume. The pair sings in either their signature harmony or in biting back and forth; trading phrases about life and love in the city.

The couple started playing together as a wedding present: learning love songs for a sibling's nuptial celebrations quickly turned into sitting around their op shop organ and playing soul classics late at night. After realizing they could write their own love songs, Jess and Paul penned Beach Boys-inspired surf pop, which has grown scuzzier and more like Sheer Mag meets Shannon and the Clams in your basement with every release.

They make music that will make you happy: They stand apart from their contemporaries in Melbourne by writing music that makes you love life. Instead of bringing you the harsh realities of your own existence (there’s plenty of bands out there for that), The Belafontes pack as much joy as they can into 2-3 minutes of guitar-slinging sunshine. It’s not just good music; it’s good for you.

2019’s EP “Roll on” saw all 4 tracks pick up plays on Triple J, with the lot being added to Triple J unearthed rotation. The hit single “Where the city meets the sea” found favour on the coveted Spotify fresh finds playlist, racking up 37,000 plays in a few weeks. Even the legendary LA tastemaker Rodney Bingenheimer is picking up what we’re putting down, spinning tracks from the EP on his revered “Rodney on the rock” show on SiriusXM.

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