TRACK PREMIERE: Ollie Trevers – ‘I Need Someone’ – Listen Now

TRACK PREMIERE: Ollie Trevers - 'I Need Someone' - Listen Now

Following on from the earlier “I Can’t Make It Up” on “Cordelia”, “I Need Someone” seems to be another side of Ollie, no longer is it a slowed tempo, chaotic, tragedy enriched tale of pain and rejection. This has a much more steady and fast-paced tempo, with a more stable structure, but at times can almost border on the obsessive, it’s as if the structure of the track is a representation of his obsessive need for companionship.

This track seems to be a representation of the non-sauced, sobered up Ollie, with Cordelia containing a number of references to William Shakespeare, I noted it within my breakdown of “I Can’t Make it up” and yet this track reminds me of the infamous quote from the famous playwright, “Love to faults is always blind, always is to joy inclined. Lawless, winged and unconfined, and breaks all chains from every mind”

Throughout “Cordelia” we can see the many chains that hold Ollie back, in preceding tracks it’s quite obvious that many demons torment Ollie, from emotional isolation and rejection to the almost suffocating depression faced by himself in his search for companionship, to the substance abuse problems brought up in this track (“The red wine that numbs my mind”)

It’s at this point you have to wonder is this track a plea to someone to simply be blind to his many faults? Will they allow him to soar free from the depths of despair? Will they finally remove his shackles and let his mind finally be free? Or is it all simply a distraction, is the love of another simply another “substance” to abuse? Is it simply a medicament or distraction to provide yet another numbing agent for the damage inside?

We are given imagery through-out the track that one person in particular is his “Cordelia”, with lyrics like “Emptiness fills the space in my heart which is engraved with your face”, backed up by an almost racing drum-beat, its as if he has taken the anxiety induced palpitations that hit him whenever this individual is nearby and translated it into musical form. Throughout the chorus we can start to build a picture of what’s creating such a horrible position for him, he seems unable to either work up the courage to ask this individual to join him in his journey in life, or has been rejected and is still holding on to the hope that one day they will say yes.

It’s an easily relatable, emotionally raw track that leaves you feeling that sharing in someone’s misery really shouldn’t be this enjoyable, it’s catchy, it’s powerful and is one for your daily playlist’s.

Listen to ‘I Need Someone’ – BELOW:

Track Listings – Cordelia EP

1 – Dispassionate Love

2 – Can’t Make It Up

3 – Stage Of Fools

4 – I Need Someone

5 – Lost Alone

About ‘The EP’

Cordelia evokes themes of heartache, melancholia, catharsis and emotional claustrophobia. It is about feelings which often transcend our ability to describe them in words. With his idiosyncratic ear for melody and hooks, and a dynamic sense of opposites (light and dark, loud and quiet, bitter and sweet etc.), Ollie Trevers fires a salvo of emotionally charged numbers that cull influence from across the spectrum of popular guitar music. Cordelia is a narrative of heartbreak, showing the duality of relationships and their untimely endings. It is an exploration of unrequited love and its causes and effects: depression, addiction, disillusionment and longing.

About Ollie Trevers

London based singer/songwriter Ollie Trevers studied at Leeds College of Music and ICMP. He started writing and performing music at fourteen years old, harbouring artistic aspirations from the very beginning. A veteran of the band circuit, Ollie released his first solo EP Saucy Naughty Rubbish in 2018. Stylistically, the record saw Ollie exploring a powerful and energetic blend of post-punk and classic rock. His musical direction has since evolved into the five songs you hear on his new EP Cordelia. It is a kaleidoscopic meeting of styles, channelling punk, alt-rock, prog, blues, folk, and psychedelia. Ollie takes inspiration from artists such as Led Zeppelin, Ella Fitzgerald, Edith Piaf, Tim Buckley, Jeff Buckley, Pink Floyd, Queen, Jimi Hendrix, Joni Mitchell and David Bowie. Having only performed with his new band since March 2019, Ollie toured in the South of France a few months later. He plans to tour Britain, Europe and Nashville throughout 2020.

You can find Ollie’s Music on Spotify and iTunes.

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