PREMIERE: Slide – ‘If You Say’ – Watch Now

PREMIERE: Slide - 'If You Say' - Watch Now

Having recently released their debut EP ‘Into Happiness’ on March 8th through If Music Could Talk /AWAL, rising Swedish indie-rock duo Slide today release the video for their latest single ‘If You Say’. 

Speaking about the video Slide’s Albin Skeppholm says, ”This is probably our most ambitious video so far. We filmed in a bunch of different locations including a hospital, a sauna filled with smoke and a tiny box built out of drywall. On top of that there is like a montage of old infomercials to make it all even more chaotic, twitchy and neurotic.”

Going on to speak about the track, he explains “It´s about wanting something really really bad. Like being really strung-out essentially, you know?” Explains Albin about the track. He goes on to say “The lyrics are pretty straight forward and repetitive and to me that kind of resembles that tunnel vision, or fixation if you will, of someone who is an addict or very dependent on something. But then instrumentally the song is just very energetic and a great party”

Check out the video for ‘If You Say’ – BELOW:

‘If You Say’ is the third single to be released from Slide’s debut EP ‘Into Happiness’.  It follows on from recent single ‘Floating’ and debut single ‘Laugh Some More’. The five-track EP encapsulates the band’s spirit perfectly. Rough around the edges but with plenty of heart, like all their rock heroes before. Listen to ‘Into Happiness EP’ HERE

Slide have already seen critical praise from the likes of CLASH who called it “Bold, rich, and highly entertaining” and NME who featured it on their New Bangers playlist, as well as All Things Go, The Most Radicalist, Indie Current, When The Horn Blows, Nordic Spotlight, God Is In The TV to name a few. They also made a recent entry on the European Talent Chart .

Into Happiness EP tracklisting

Don’t Make A Sound


If You Say

Laugh Some More


Speaking about the EP, Albin from Slide says, “In large Into Happiness was conceived last summer as Simon and I were wrapping up a pretty long and emotionally tedious spring. We decided to spend most of the summer in my garage. We ate there, slept there and recorded most of the EP there. When we got too hot we went swimming in the lake nearby and when we got tired of recording we laid down on blankets in the yard. Into Happiness is that catharsis. Starting with raw and wintery Don’t Make A Sound and ending with dreamy summery Pain.”

The formation of Slide wasn’t exactly love at first sight. In fact, they didn’t even like each other. When the two halves of this dangerously exciting rock duo – Albin and Simon – first met, it wasn’t quite a fit. “We had to work together at school and at first it didn’t click at all. It seemed like we hated each other a little bit,” Albin says. Don’t worry things improved. After meeting and bonding at unhappy moments in their lives, they channelled those struggles into their music. The result? Life-affirming rock music poised to change everything.

Musically, Slide channel some of their big influences – the inventiveness of Red Hot Chili Peppers, the languishing guitar tones of Nirvana, plus Oasis’ penchant for anthemic chorus’ and even going further at times to Beck-esque indie-pop. Their sound is devastatingly honest at points but that’s all part of the charm.


Slide are: Albin Skeppholm and Simon Werner.

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