VIDEO PREMIERE: Linah Rocio - Keep Your Grace

VIDEO PREMIERE: Linah Rocio - Keep Your Grace 1
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Powerful and sensual: The singer-songwriter Linah Rocio surprises with a new vibe on her first EP. With her new EP, Keep Your Grace, musician Linah Rocio brings unusual new facets of her already wide range of skills together in an intriguing and convincing new form. Each of the five songs - carefully composed and arranged – stand by themselves. With a captivating expressiveness, not only due to the singer's unmistakable voice, but also the unconventional arrangements. Once again, Linah Rocio brings us fresh and soul felt music with independence, intuition and passion.

The spectrum of singer-songwriter Linah Rocio’s music ranges from jazz to indie, to spoken word. The Swiss/Chilean artist produced five powerful songs on her new EP “Keep Your Grace”. Not so easily assigned to a genre, in her signature style of “Poetic Indie” the artist herself tries to tame the very songs and find a channel for her experiences and the insights she’s gained. As on her previous albums “All About Secrets“ (2010) and “Warrior Talk“ (2017), the singer packs incisive experiences into captivating soundscapes. The songs were recorded in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, produced by Linah along with Alvaro Alencar (14 Latin Grammys) and mastered by Felipe Tichauer in Miami.

The collaboration between Alvaro Alencar and Linah Rocio is a new one, having met through a mutual acquaintance. Alvaro mixed the song “LA or New York” from the previous album “Warrior Talk” (2017) and they began to talk about possibly working together. Beginning of 2018 the decision was made to work together on the EP “Keep Your Grace” with Alvaro providing advice and guidance, leaving final decisions regarding arrangements and production with the artist.

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As in previous albums, Linah Rocio processes her life’s experiences and creates music focused on creating an atmosphere that is mostly intuitive oriented and less about trying to fit in a specific genre. All songs are initially created through improvisation, then further developed and arranged in close collaboration with the musicians of the band. The EP “Keep Your Grace”, however, stands out from previous works, due to the precision and detail that Linah has developed in the arrangements and production.

It is clear through her live performances that Linah is all about showing vulnerability and being as authentic as possible. Her music, as well as her performances, centre around sharing truths and longings with an open heart. She has shared the stage with Rosemary & Garlic (NL), Gitta de Ridder (NL) and has supported Alejandra Ribera (CA), Ruth Theodore (UK), Tom Freund (US) and Anna Rossinelli (CH). In addition to her singer-songwriter albums, the spoken word album Armour And The Universe (Finland & Aaskoven, 2018) is very popular, especially in the new age scene. The artist has been invited to perform live at Tantra Festivals in Amsterdam and Ängsbacka in Sweden.

The Aargauer Kuratorium honoured her work with a six-month artist residency in London, which lasted from July to December 2018. During this time, the artist not only devoted herself to writing new songs, but also performed numerous live concerts, in renowned venues such as “The Troubadour", "Servant Jazz Quarters" and "Green Note", and as a regular on the underground poetry and singer-songwriter scene at "Biddle Bros" and "Betsey Trotwood" as part of "The Lantern Society".

Linah Rocio - Keep Your Grace
Keep Your Grace EP Artwork

Linah Rocio currently lives in London, UK. (Due to the current COVID 19 pandemic and the resulting consequences, no live concerts are currently planned)

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