VIDEO PREMIERE: Linah Rocio - 'I Was There'

VIDEO PREMIERE: Linah Rocio - 'I Was There'
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LINAH ROCIO is a Chilean artist, with formative years spent in Switzerland, Hong Kong and Chile, and now residing in London. Her music and soul span myriad spheres of influence, connecting to shamanic experience and life journeys through inner battles, triumphs and love.

Linah’s forthcoming EP ‘Keep Your Grace’ was produced by Linah and 14 time Latin Grammy winner Alvaro Alencar and is a tribute to transformation and strength; the style being a mixture of poetic indie pop, rock, jazz and something entirely her own.

‘I Was There’ is a provocative and unfiltered look at themes around trauma and violence finding redemption through love and dignity. Inspiration comes straight from the source; a friend had been at the scene of the 2017 London Bridge Attack just before it happened. She had left a message saying: “ .. I was there.. 10 minutes ago”. Touched by this Linah wrote the song “I Was There” putting herself in the shoes of those who have survived something, as well as the wounded and dead who did not.

Linah’s own experiences with trauma and near-death inspired her to creatively shift this experience into something transformative urging those who survived and those who died to open their hearts and go to the light.

Check out the video for 'I Was There' - BELOW:

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