VIDEO PREMIERE: Jaguar Moon - ‘Lottery’

VIDEO PREMIERE: Jaguar Moon - ‘Lottery’

Denmark’s Bjarke Bendtsen has unveiled his latest project: Jaguar Moon. As a group, they turn the skeletal versions of his songs into dark, minimalistic pop numbers filled out with vintage reverbs, tremolo guitars and Ennio Morricone inspired choirs.

They’ve produced a new video for ‘Lottery’, the first cut from their forthcoming EP.

Built around staccato drum machine loops, pulsing synths and deadpan vocal delivery. Bjarke tells us that “when writing I visualised dark, lustful rooms, secrets, infidelity and fantasies that cannot be revealed in the daytime. Strange patterns, mirrors and long-distance relationships; enjoy.”

The accompanying visuals reflect these inspirations: "I wanted to create a captivating, melancholic accompaniment in black and white with a mystic woman appearing in a dream world, only partly lit. A sort of a reinterpretation of Maya Deren's Meshes of the Afternoon from 1943."

Check out the video for ‘Lottery’ - BELOW:

Jaguar Moon’s self-titled debut EP will be available everywhere November 29th 2019.

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