VIDEO PREMIERE: FELIN breaks the rules with fierce new single ‘MoneyHoney’ - Watch Now

VIDEO PREMIERE: FELIN breaks the rules with fierce new single ‘MoneyHoney’ - Watch Now

Following her previous single ‘LaLaLa’, the Stockholm based artist FELIN now releases the fourth single titled ‘MoneyHoney’ from her upcoming album set to be released on November 1st 2019. This powerful track aims to make the listeners feel invincible and succeeds well. Surrounding her is a creative power-house collective that have the combined experience of writing for the likes of Adam Lambert, and having visuals published in Interview Magazine and Harper’s Bazaar.

“Money Honey is a modern Bonnie and Clyde story on speed about being madly in love, breaking all the rules and limits,” FELIN says about the track. “This song is loud and fast - just like the adrenaline rush when you do something forbidden. It’s one of the most playful songs on the upcoming album and I wanted to capture that wild romance feeling when you feel like anything is possible.”

The video was directed and shot deep in the northern parts of Finland by Fredrik Etoall and is starring a happy drunken lady, a grumpy old wolf-hunter and the two runaways Sunny Money and Honey Bunny who head on a reckless ride through the woods with a car that’s slower than the bpm of the song. For some this story has a happy ending, for others, not so much.

The video draws inspiration from old slapstick and crime movies. The intro and outro song of the video is a new version of a traditional Finnish polka song, with lyrics written by Felin and Fredrik and produced by only using Felin’s voice.

Watch the video for ‘MoneyHoney’ - BELOW:

FELIN’s music is unapologetically cinematic, drawing from theatrical influences – the dark humour of Tarantino being one of note. Known for combining pop melodies and rock energy, FELIN has played the historic Rockpalast in Germany and supported The Chainsmokers last spring.

‘MoneyHoney’ is out October 18th 2019 on all platforms.

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