VIDEO PREMIERE: Ajay Mathur - Deeper Than Your Skin

Ajay Mathur

As another year comes to a conclusion, we naturally begin to reflect and seek clarity for the upcoming new year. Encompassing these sentiments and more, Grammy-nominated songwriter Ajay Mathur is excited to announce the upcoming release of his new single ‘Deeper Than your Skin’ taken from the forthcoming fifth studio album, 'Talking Loud’ (Available March 4, 2022).

The album was produced and recorded in Stans, Switzerland by Mathur, the robust musical project features Mathur on vocals, guitar, keys and effects along with percussionist Fausto Medici, bassist Richard Hugener and guitarist Christian Winiker, it was written by Mathur and his writing partner Mary Lou von Wyl.

"‘Deeper Than Your Skin” is a love song to all of us. Sometimes we feel like outcasts and sometimes when people say things that are cruel and hurtful, our self-esteem is shattered. The song reminds us that we are not defined by someone else’s words and when we look inside us, we will find that deeper than our skin, we are unique, we sparkle, we are beautiful.“ Ajay Mathur

Watch the video for 'Deeper Than Your Skin' - BELOW:

Born into a musical family in India, Ajay Mathur has been surrounded by the arts his entire life. At age 14, after a chance encounter with one of the most influential bands in music history, The Beatles, Mathur's passion for music shifted into high gear. With the aid of an older family member, he was encouraged to pick up a guitar and his fate was sealed.

Having played with several bands and then leaving his homeland for new opportunities in Switzerland, the artist found great success in the European music scene. Throughout the ‘80s and '90s, Mathur recorded four albums with his band Mainstreet. When the band broke up, the songwriter took an extended sabbatical from the stage to work on other projects, including writing music for commercials and short films. After compiling over 40 fully recorded tracks, Mathur was ready to return to music and released his first album as an independent artist in 2011.

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