TRACK PREMIERE: Mike Stocksdale – Like This Again

TRACK PREMIERE: Mike Stocksdale - Like This Again

Los Angeles singer-songwriter Mike Stocksdale is back today with a beautifully melancholy new single, Like This Again. The yearning new track showcases his timeless songwriting and perceptive lyrics against a backdrop of deft indie-folk fingerpicking and warm melodies and is available on all streaming platforms now. The new song is released via Saint In The City Records and precedes his new LP If You Ask Me I’ll Tell You, set for release on October 1st.

“I wrote the first two verses of this song shortly before the birth of my second son,’ explains Stocksdale. “It was becoming a tune about expectations and judgement, with the narrator grappling between how he feels in the moment and how he’ll reflect on things once time has passed. The idea was that when life feels difficult or challenging, hopefully, it’s all for good reason. The first lines are a strange combo between drought relief in Los Angeles and receiving the news that Americans elected a game show host as our president. I liked playing with the idea that rain falling can be good or bad, and I feel the same way about our president.

Even if he’s the worst we’ve ever had, which I truly believe he is, maybe some good can still come from this mess. The final verse was written after the birth of my second son. Even though I was exhausted, I’d find myself waking up before the sun rose, and unable to fall asleep from the stress. It was also written as a reminder to take everything in, and to try and be present even during the hard times because they won’t last forever.”

Listen to ‘Like This Again’ – BELOW:

Mike Stocksdale is an artist you’ve listened to your whole life – or at least it feels that way. There is a familiarity in his melodies, the warmth and grit of his guitar playing and the honest stories he tells that hits home. His ability to translate his personal experiences into relatable lyrics and choruses is a reminder of the timeless power of honest and organic songwriting in an era of quick-hits shapeshifting and blurred genre lines.

Find Mike Stocksdale at, and now.

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