TRACK PREMIERE: Latroit explores spatial audio in ‘Dance My Tears Away’ remix

TRACK PREMIERE: Latroit explores spatial audio in ‘Dance My Tears Away’ remix 3

As the world cautiously yet optimistically emerges from a year of collective anxiety, Grammy Award-winning producer Latroit offers a haunting yet hopeful opus with ‘Dance My Tears Away.’

The song, featuring Australian singer Charlz, celebrates the resolve of tackling heartache and moving on from adversity. Moving on to where? Latroit directs listeners toward the dance floor as the designated area for hook-laden, communal catharsis. The track is released on the Secret Technology imprint, founded by Jason Bentley, Los Angeles radio and podcast personality, music supervisor, and tastemaker.

In addition to Latroit deploying his lush, multi-layered production esthetics, the artist broke new ground by creating a spatialized mix, presented here in binaural audio. Listen with headphones or earbuds for full effect.

Spatial mixing has been widely talked about in recent weeks with major streaming services promising immersive, hi-fi, ultra-HD or other forms of “lossless” listening. With spatial mixing, each sound, voice or instrument is treated as a distinct “object” which can be moved and morphed in a 3D space. The technology is an evolution of traditional stereo, adding dimension and detail to recordings. It is different from surround sound in that processing algorithms create the perception that sound is coming not from a specific loudspeaker or left/right earphone, but from a point in space which is distinct from the speaker’s physical location.

Dennis White
In Los Angeles, Dennis White (Latroit) discusses creating a wide sonic panorama with L-Acoustics L-ISA engineer Carlos Mosquera

The immersive mix was achieved using L-ISA Studio software, developed by L-Acoustics, the world’s leading manufacturer of sound systems for live events. Latroit produced the mix on location at L-Acoustics North American headquarters, listening back in a 360° 18.1 loudspeaker configuration in L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound. Such systems and technologies are currently in use on a larger scale for live events and in venues such as EartH Hackney in London, Resorts World Las Vegas, and ARTECHOUSE NYC experiential art space.

Sonic exploration in electronic music is familiar terrain for producer Dennis White (Latroit). His presence in the genre spans three decades and is notably highlighted by his work with the pioneering Detroit Techno group Inner City, the worldwide dance music hits “Happy People” and “I Like That, and his work with Depeche Mode for which he was awarded the 2018 Grammy for “Best Remixed Recording.”

dennis white
Dennis White (Latroit) with Bubble, a futuristic format for spatial audio in L-Acoustics BluSpace standard mapping realistically to the abilities of human hearing perception

With respect to present-day music creation, Latroit comments, “Technology offers so many ways to shape how a song evolves that production and recording have become an inherent part of the songwriting process.” The video below documents the creative process behind the presentation of ‘Dance My Tears Away’ in spatial audio.

In addition to the spatial mix, which can be enjoyed on YouTube, ‘Dance My Tears Away’ is available digitally across all platforms. To learn more about the music and world of Latroit, please visit

To learn more about L-ISA Studio and creating in spatial audio, visit

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