TRACK PREMIERE: Atomic Bronco - Headfirst

TRACK PREMIERE: Atomic Bronco - Headfirst

Today, Atomic Bronco releases their second new single of the spring, Headfirst, ahead of a full EP release on June 1st. Headfirst follows up on the success of their previous single Cruel and provides a further glimpse into the musical stylings the EP, Spectrum, will hold.

Headfirst is a rare acoustic/punk crossover, starting with an unconventional open tuning acoustic guitar riff before launching into full punk mode with distorted guitars and high BPM drumming. The understated vocals provide a sense of brooding that gives the track a slightly sinister feel, and a high energy guitar solo provides the finishing touches for a truly captivating song.

The release comes just two weeks before the premiere of the much-anticipated Spectrum EP, Atomic Bronco’s first extended release since 2020’s debut album Nightflowers. Spectrum is billed as a wide variety of songs with indie rock-related genres, all in Atomic Bronco’s signature slacker rock, lo-fi style.

Atomic Bronco is a retro-inspired yet decidedly modern indie/alt-rock act from London. The creation of producer and songwriter Kyle Nuss, Atomic Bronco blends an interesting mix of indie, alternative, garage rock, lo-fi and classic rock. The one-man rock band is originally from the heart of rural America but now makes guitar-driven music in his East London studio.

Listen to 'Headfirst' - BELOW:

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