TRACK OF THE DAY – MAN & THE ECHO – ‘Honeysucker’ – Listen

TRACK OF THE DAY - MAN & THE ECHO - 'Honeysucker' - Listen

Man & The Echo are a band from the North West of England who make unique pop music. They signed to legendary A&R man James Endeacott’s rejuvenated 1965 label in November 2014 and, having been in recording sessions with long time Paul Weller collaborator Jan “Stan” Kybert, are set to release their debut single, Honeysucker, on April 13th 2015. The digital release will be followed by a limited edition 7” vinyl.

‘Honeysucker’ is an attack on specific companies, specific politicians, who are named in the song and shown in the video. But really it is saying, to an apathetic, opinion-less, self-obsessed generation too busy taking photos of their dinner: “Look how much stuff there is to get angry about. These people, who are so far removed from any kind of normality, are adversely affecting your life, and the lives of our most vulnerable. Give a shit”.
(Gaz Roberts)

Man & The Echo are Gaz Roberts, Joe Forshaw, Joey Bennett and Chris Gallagher.

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