Track Of The Day: DrawnSword - 'The Spirit of La Masia'

XS NOIZE – Unsigned Showcase #4 - DRAWNSWORD

Munich born, London-based, DrawnSword is the contemporary one-man-band. Infusing vocals, Mpcs, Wurlitzers and synthesizers, he creates a sound to reflect what he sees. And what he sees is a generation homogenised by digital, completely missing the point.

His music is a gentle nudge to the kids to put down the devices and enjoy the real world in real time, in whatever way they please. This is music to mobilise the mobile disciples to reclaim their independence.

DrawnSword's video for the song “The Spirit of La Masia” off the EP, “Still Too Few”, was be financed by crowdfunding.“The Spirit of La Masia” (Watch below) draws on persevering no matter howbig the obstacle, which is visually conveyed through objects such as smoke bombs and tar and feathers being thrown at him in slow motion.


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