Munich born, London-based, DrawnSword Releases Still Too Few EP

XS NOIZE – Unsigned Showcase #4 - DRAWNSWORD

Munich born, London-based, DrawnSword is the contemporary one-man-band. Infusing vocals, Mpcs, Wurlitzers and synthesizers, he creates a sound to reflect whathe sees. And what he sees is a generation homogenised by digital, completely missing the point. His music is a gentle nudge to the kids to put down the devices and enjoy the real world in real time, in whatever way they please. This is musicto mobilise the mobile disciples to reclaim their  independence.

When Drawnsword featured on the XSNoize Unsigned Showcase earlier this year, we described the electronic styling on his first single entitled YYY as reminiscent of Beck’s 2006 release “The Information”. They go on to say “His vocals are gravelled and off key which works well in this setting. His downbeat, textured and downright different material kept [our] attention undivided.

In his own words, “DrawnSword is It’s a metaphor for being ready, about Having your shit together.

The music starts with my earliest memory of music – “Take On Me” and “Paperback Writer” in the back of my dad’s car, he always had Rock’n’Roll around. Then from the age of 9 or 10 when I started skateboarding I’ve been into Hip Hop. Mostly 90s New York Type shit. Finally, discovering UK Bass and House after coming to London made a big impact on how I approach production now.

My music is about connecting these musical elements in a way they haven’t been before. I call it a retrofuturism – combining what we recognise in a different way so you get a feel of familiarity while facing something new.”

Drawnsword’s new EP – Still Too Few (co-produced with Rob Bravery) focuses on Technology has become a drug. Being so well connected sometimes sets us further apart from what’s right in front of us. At times I wanna scream into people’s faces, lets put our devices down and enjoy this beautiful place through our own eyes and stop documenting for approval. Trust yourself, validate yourself. Don’t listen to people trying to squeeze you into stencils. Embrace what defines us, what might seem like a weakness to others but in reality is what makes us special.

Still Too Few is available now via bandcamp

1. Y Y Y
2. The Spirit of La Masia
3. Gatti and I

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