Track of the Day: Chick Quest - "Savant Garde"

Track of the Day: Chick Quest - "Savant Garde"

Having previously featured in the XS Noize Showcase Chick Quest have released another belter track 'Savant Garde' from the their album 'Model View Controller', listen below.

Chick Quest In Their Own Words:

The initial concept behind Chick Quest was to combine chord progressions from old 60’s Italian Western film scores, such as work by Ennio Morricone, with the dancey Post-Punk of the late 70’s and early 80’s like Talking Heads, B52’s, Manicured Noise or The Clash. The band name itself is a nod to cheesy 60’s B-film titles and is meant to be taken as “A girl on a quest” as opposed to “Guys on a quest for chicks”.

Ryan White (vocals/guitar), an American expat from Athens, Georgia, now living in Vienna, Austria, began the project with his Austrian friend, Iris Rauh (drums), in early 2014. Their original goal was to create a live dance party for their friends in small clubs, playing music they like to dance to and can’t usually find in Vienna. By mid 2014, they added Magdalena Kraev (bass) and completed the lineup by early 2015 with Marcus Racz (trumpet/keyboards)—both also Austrian.

Their original “dance party” idea eventually blossomed into bigger shows and festivals, a spot on Austrian television, and a debut record in 2015 with glowing reviews, including its release mentioned on Pitchfork and an honorable mention as one of six best albums of the year by Der Standard, Austria’s biggest newspaper.

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