THE DATSUNS return with video for new single 'Brain To Brain' - Watch Now!

THE DATSUNS return with video for new single 'Brain To Brain' - Watch Now!

The video was shot by London-based director Marc Swadel (The Chemical Brothers, Stone Roses, Sparks, Thurston Moore). Made in quarantined bedrooms, kitchens and practice spaces across three international time zones, it has the feel of a crazy 70’s style science documentary, with a scuzzy old-school vibe.

The ‘operation scene’ was filmed on Marc’s kitchen table with a frozen pigs head, and the ‘brain in the box’ scene was shot in his bathroom. The footage was put through an old VHS deck a few times to give it a kickback in time.

Dolf de Borst said, "Brain to Brain is the first song we wrote for our new album, Eye to Eye. It's a very ‘Datsuns’ type song of pop sensibilities masked behind the noise and high energy. It's about taking a huge step back from our digital worlds in order to preserve one's sanity. We have so many amazing toys to communicate with, but it often feels we don't get it right, so much gets twisted. There’s a fascination in watching one another bare our souls and devour each other for entertainment that’s kind of horrifying.”

Check out the brand-new video from The Datsuns 'Brain To Brain' - BELOW:

The Datsuns Brain to Brain single is OUT NOW, new album Eye To Eye is released May 28th.

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