TRACK PREMIERE: Dr Orange - Chinatown

TRACK PREMIERE: Dr Orange - Chinatown

Liverpudlian songwriter Dr Orange returns this February with some of his most authentic, raw and affecting work to date in the form of ‘Chinatown’. It’s a biting piece of British indie rock that's built on fuzzed-out guitars and a lo-fi drum groove, the track builds from hazy and melancholic verses, through to a visceral chanting chorus.

Produced alongside Merseyside producer Jon Withnall (Coldplay, Rhianna, The Coral).

The new single showcases the full skillset of a one-man alt-rock tour de force. Adequately supplying the sound of a full-strength indie band as a solo artist, Dr Orange is showcasing his ability to craft a potent indie anthem that cements him as a rising star for 2021.

'Chinatown is definitely the grooviest single I’ve put out so far. Lyrically it’s about my own frustrations and that of some characters I was empathising with on the tele at the time. Musically I see it as a chilled song that stayed at the bar a bit too long, had one too many measures of funk and ended up in a bit of a heavy state.'

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