SECRET MACHINES share new single ‘The Finalizer’ from new LP ‘The Moth, The Lizard, and the Secret Machines’

Secret Machines
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Secret Machines recently announced their forthcoming LP, The Moth, The Lizard, and the Secret Machines (due March 24, 2023), a somewhat “lost” record and their first new release since 2020’s Awake in the Brain Chamber. To continue the momentum kickstarting by recent singles “There’s No Starting Over” and “You Want It Worse,” today, Secret Machines share a new single entitled “The Finalizer.”

Said Brandon Curtis of their new track and forthcoming LP:

“‘The Finalizer’ is one of my favorite tracks on the record. It started from the same riff as the fourth track on the album, ‘Even Out the Overflow,’ and even though it went in a completely different direction, I feel like it retains some of the same feeling – in a sort of inverse relationship. It’s the last song on the album, and the last song we will preview before we release the whole album. So, I guess there is some finality to it. Endings often come with the promise of new beginnings. But there is always the chance that every goodbye could be the last. Thanks for listening 🙂

“Finally getting to share these songs after so many incarnations, after all this time, after so much has happened, has been a wonderful experience. Listening through has been like connecting to a memory that had begun to recede. I think the improvisational nature of the process and the rawness of the performances allow all this feeling and emotion to bubble up through the wash of sounds and pulses. We are extremely proud of the work that went into making this album and are excited to present this track as another preview of the album.”

Listen to ‘The Finalizer’ – BELOW:

The Moth, The Lizard, and the Secret Machines is out March 24, 2023.


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