VIDEO PREMIERE: Ashlynn Malia unveils new single ‘comfortable – voice memo’

Ashlynn Malia

Hugely popular TikTok star and singer-songwriter Ashlynn Malia – who to date has been featured by outlets including Nylon and Flaunt – knows how to connect with people. She also knows that music is one of the best and strongest ways with and through which anyone can do so.

Her latest single “comfortable – voice memo”, taken from her upcoming EP navigating galaxies, highlights her desire to do this brilliantly, and the track is a blend of raw, haunting and inspiring.

Ashlynn shares that “comfortable” is, “…the first song I’m releasing out of a small collection of super stripped-down songs. Everything in this song was recorded on the voice memo app on my phone – the birthplace of every song I’ve released thus far in my career. I want my listeners to see what my songwriting process in its purest form sounds like. I recently suffered a pretty big injury and was basically stuck in one place for a very long time. Sitting with myself for that long brought up old stories of mine, like the one I wrote “comfortable” about, I knew I wanted to share these fragments of myself with others, but I wanted to do it in a way that felt like they were in the room with me while these thoughts and memories were popping up. While I was making something out of them.”

As for what she hopes fans both old and new take from the track when they hear it, she adds, “Think of this song, “comfortable”, as one of several journal entries I’m putting out into the world. For anyone who’s recently written something similar in their own journal, I hope this song keeps you company while you work through your shit and heal. I’m rooting for you.”

Watch ‘comfortable – voice memo’ – BELOW:

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