Pink Floyd is Now Officially on TikTok

Pink Floyd is Now Officially on TikTok

There are just a handful of the classic rock bands that aren´t on all social media, since it´s a great way to let their fan know what are they doing, what comes next (like if they are performing somewhere), and just some part of their daily routine. Some legendary bands are finding new listeners in what would be “odd” social media for them, as TikTok, where you now can find the mythic Rolling Stones, or in this case one of the greatest bands in history: Pink Floyd.

Without a doubt one of the big “absents” in a social media populated mostly by those considered in the Generation Z and millennials, since they´ve just officially joined this vast universe that is TikTok. Since it´s a mostly video playing platform, music is a big part of this massive streaming platform for new musicians as well as for the “old timers” like in this case the memorable British band.

Whether you are interested in following their updates, or just using their music for your videos, they are now in this platform. It´s a really big deal since up to now, it was quite hard to use their music to create something, but now since this platform allows the use of royalty free music as well as some copyrighted pieces, a lot of people will produce their videos with some of their best songs.

In just a day time the band had already amassed almost 10,000 followers, a number that will surely grow vastly in the following days as their announcement of their disembarking in this social media rapidly grows. It seems to be a great hit for the band, which used the platform to upload a video to mark the 50th anniversary of the day they started to record one of their greatest (perhaps second to The Wall) albums in their history.

What became back then one of their best-selling albums, was now the perfect “excuse” for the band to join TikTok. After that they uploaded a video to commemorate what is called their most underrated album, “Learning to Fly”, with old videos composed partially with segments of the original video, concerts and impressive settings like workers in a volcano, as they are used to display in their live performances.

A way to return to the “stages”

Some speculate about what this means for the band that has been away of live performances for quite some time, with no tours and concerts in mind in the next years. Composed by the virtuoso composer and musician David Gilmour and Nick Mason, their last public appearance was in April this year, when they joined Ukrainian singer Andriy Khlyvnyuk to sing “Hey Hey Rise Up” dedicated to the civilians suffering in the war in Ukraine.

In that arena, they have gathered funds using that song that went to the Ukraine Humanitarian Relief Fund, with Gilmour speaking in the matter saying that “We want to spread this message of peace, and we want to raise the morale of the people who are defending their homeland there in Ukraine. So why not?” He also had something to say about them joining TikTok: “The following that we have as Pink Floyd — the size of the platform. When I spoke to Nick, and he said he was willing to do it as Pink Floyd, it seemed like a no-brainer,” told the guitarist to Rolling Stone.

But now they have finally joined the social media platform, “bringing” with them their whole repertoire of songs, including some of their most famous ones. So now the users of TikTok can use any song they like, like “The Wall part 2”, “Wish you were here” and “Any Colour you like”, amongst many others.

In this regard, some experts speculate that they might have sold their discography to the social media, in an attempt to increase their revenues. But others think that it´s quite unlikely for them to do that only in a financial sense, but it´s more related to the need of the band to communicate, in particular in times of war.

Since their passion for peace has been established as far as the band can be remembered, it´s only logical that they start to make their entrance in these kind of platforms, which reach hundreds of millions of people on a daily basis. Mainly as a channel to take their message to the world, in an attempt to make this world a better place to live.

In their few days active in the platform since the 31st of May, they have received more than 47,000 followers, and hundreds of thousands views on their videos. It´s only logical that their appeal in this relatively “empty” social media platform, according to their own Gilmour, will only continue to rise in the following weeks reaching millions of followers before the end of the year.

In the horizon there isn´t much in terms of concerts or live performances, particularly if you don´t consider Roger Waters as part of the band. There´s a few things coming in terms of films, like a Pink Floyd film, a sort of autobiography of the band. Also, a documentary is to come in the next months or maybe next year, about one of the most iconic members of the band, the late Syd Barret.

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