VIDEO PREMIERE: Stefano May – False Horizon

VIDEO PREMIERE: Stefano May – False Horizon

Piano virtuoso and admired LGBTQ+ singer-songwriter Stefano May unveils his music video, “False Horizon,” a song about finding your inner peace.

Stefano explains, “When I came up with the idea to write ‘False Horizon,’ I wanted to be able to create the image and feeling of a free soul that escapes from the static routine of our daily lives. I was inspired by the freedom of the California desert environment. When I witnessed the beauty of the desert for the first time, it was like having a blank piece of paper where I could write what I felt without limits. This was the feeling and sensation that I wanted ‘False Horizon’ to represent: the space where we can live freely without any barriers. When I brought the idea of ‘False Horizon’ to my producer Chico Bennett, I wanted this pop production to have a slight western vibe. Chico was able to achieve this idea by giving this song the right balance capturing what I wanted and beyond.”

Born in Soveria Mannelli, Italy, Stefano began classical piano at age seven at Conservatory Santa Cecilia in Rome, followed by appearing on popular Italian television shows. In 2010, he collaborated with two Italian songwriters on material for his first studio album.

Since then, he’s composed and scored motion pictures under the guidance of award-winning filmmaker Jamal Joseph and released a series of popular singles.

“False Horizon” begins with a graceful piano topped by Stefano’s melodic voice. A pulsing rhythm pushes the tune forward as twang-filled guitars imbue the song with hints of country flavours, merging with pop textures into a captivating melody.

“If you can’t take me somewhere / Where things are always true / Build me a false horizon / Where the skies are blue / If I’m too far out of reach / Can you still grab my soul.”

Simultaneously alluring and stimulating, with “False Horizon,” Stefano May hits the sweet spot where country and pop converge.

Watch ‘False Horizon’ – BELOW:

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