Peach Club offer abrasive Riot Grrl snarl on latest single ‘White Girl’

Peach Club offer abrasive Riot Grrl snarl on latest single 'White Girl' 2

Norwich four-piece Peach Club, comprised of Katie Gilbert, Rebecca Wren, Charlie Hart and Amanda MacKinnon, describe themselves as an activist punk band, with a frenetic and grimacing Riot Grrl ethos embedded deep into their core – “This band could undeniably be the next great thing, not just in Riot Grrrl music, but the punk scene as a whole.” All Apologies.

After an extremely busy summer of countless gigs, including a recent headline show in London for Blogtober, the band have signed with new London label Witchgirl Recordings for a double A-side cassette, officially released December 9th.

The A-side ‘White Girl’ offers snarling Riot Grrl that’s angst-ridden and sneering from start to finish. Katie’s primal and unforgiving snarls are underpinned by fuzzed-out, almost discordant, guitars and racing drums.

The band stated that the song “Shocking coincides with the fact that most Trump voters were cis white women, it’s a song about understanding that just because you’re okay, privileged and safe, other people around you are not”

Despite their very short existence the band have quickly pinned themselves at the forefront of the Riot Grrl revival, amongst contemporaries such as Skinny Girl Diet, The Tuts, Ethical Debating Society to name just a few. After endless shows, a performance at this year’s Latitude Festival, airtime on Radio 1 and wide-spread praise its immediately clear Peach Club are just getting started, and have loads more to offer.

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