Track of the Day: The Winachi Tribe – A Room With A Zoo

Manchester Soul collective 'The Winachi Tribe' Unveil Video for New Single ‘A Room With A Zoo’

‘A Room With A Zoo’ is the new single from Manchester Soul collective The Winachi Tribe, a band that are firmly on the ascendant. This trajectory is marked by the ten minute short film which accompanies their latest release, a collaboration between the band and California-based Mancunian filmmaker Trevor Miller. Watch the video HERE.

The Winachi Tribe are sonic soul collective who adhere to no boundaries or formulas, either musically or culturally. Lyrically explosive, musically diverse, the Electro Funk hybrid are an exceptional band of musicians and producers who have collaborated and toured with artists as diverse as Ian Brown to Danny Saber.

The film depicts an epic and mystical journey, where a young singer imbibes the hallucinogen ‘Ayahuasca’ and is transported into the desert to battle his personal demons, only to be rescued by a white-suited Angel portrayed by international Tommy Flanagan, star of Sons Of Anarchy and Peaky Blinders.

The film was born during a brief conversation between The Winachi Tribe’s manager Harry Bridgen and his friend Tommy Flanagan. “I knew Tom was a fan of the band’s music,” Bridgen explains, “so being a bit cheeky, I asked if he’d be in a music video for them… I wasn’t even sure what the video was going to be, at that point – but Tom was between shows and had time so he said yes.”

‘A Room With A Zoo’ is released in the UK independently on November 18th and the band will be supporting the record and video with shows in Manchester, London and Glasgow.

Live dates:

November 17th
Glasgow, United Kingdom
December 6th
The Winachi Tribe featuring Rowetta Live in Session for Graeme Park & Glyndwr TV
Wrexham, United Kingdom



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