Montreal’s dancefloor aficionado’s BLUE HAWAII share brand new single ‘Butterfly’

Montreal’s dancefloor aficionado’s BLUE HAWAII share brand new single 'Butterfly' 1
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Montreal’s dancefloor aficionado’s Blue Hawaii return to the fray with the latest single, the jubilant “Butterfly”, from their new EP, ‘My Bestfriend’s House’. Channelling the energetic frequencies of post-lockdown freedom, the duo continue to provide uplifting jaunts in cohesion with the release of last year’s acclaimed ‘Under 1 House’ EP. A special two-part vinyl release is set to be issued this summer, containing both aforementioned EP’s, which will be available for pre-order in due course.

The latest track from the duo is reminiscent of Chicago house glory days; steeped in analogue warmth and luscious vocals “Butterfly” struts into the room with a carefree persona and heaps of attitude. Skippy lo-fi drums and silky keys provide the essential backdrop to this jovial dancefloor mover. Playful vocal chops dart alongside plush hi-hats and tender chord progressions, carrying listeners into a glossy hypnosis of sprightly drum machines and wandering basslines.

Listen to ‘Butterfly’ – BELOW:

Raphaelle “Ra” Standell-Preston and Agor ”DJ Kirby” Cowan initially crossed paths in the burgeoning underground party scene of Montreal and the duo has since blossomed from their earlier bedroom-producer minimalistic approach to explore a more organic and dance-focused sound. They uniquely assemble every aspect of their music together, even amidst an ocean of separation, with Agor in Berlin, and Ra in Montreal.

Reunited after a year’s separation, Agor and Ra initially wanted to finish the recording of a darker, downtempo full-length which they started in September of 2020. However, given the energy coming out of lockdown, the pair decided to put that introspective work on hold and instead whip out a good-vibed follow-up to ‘Under 1 House’. The duo headed to a cabin north of Montreal but unfortunately had to return the same night during the year’s worst rainstorm. With a lost trip and a potentially haunted cabin to escape, a rapid-fire series of recording sessions ensued in the next week, aided by the uncovering of a long-lost Yamaha DX7 synthesiser. Perhaps it is this condensed time frame that has made this collection of tracks so specifically electric. “My Bestfriend’s House” delves into the joyous themes of togetherness, love and empathy – backed by chugging drums and hypnotic grooves. Thriving in the rare middle ground of music to be enjoyed via headphones and club sound systems equally.

Blue Hawaii have been active for a decade, having released 3 full-length albums and three EPs to date. The pair’s ability to create open-armed melodies and lush vocal accompaniment has been expertly honed over this period to widespread acclaim which looks set to continue in 2022. The dawn of this new year also spells a slew of tour dates.

My Bestfriend’s House


1. L.O.V.E.
2. My Bestfriend’s House
3. Butterfly
4. Danced Into My Life
5. L.O.V.E (DJ Kirby Remix)

2022-06-02 | Montreal, QC | Le Ritz
2022-06-03 | New York, NY | Market Hotel
2022-06-04 | Toronto, ON | The Garrison
2022-06-09 | Denver, CO | Hi Dive
2022-06-10 | Chicago, IL | The Empty Bottle
2022-06-11 | Detroit, MI | The Siren
2022-06-16 | Vancouver, BC | TBA
2022-06-17 | Los Angeles, CA | Secret Location
2022-06-18 | Mexico City, MX | Yuyu Club
2022-01-19 | San Francisco, CA | The Independent


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