MILES HUNT of The Wonder Stuff announces his final album – ‘Things Can Change’

Miles Hunt

‘Things Can Change’ is the forthcoming album from The Wonder Stuff frontman Miles Hunt. The album includes guests Billy Duffy (The Cult), Morgan Nicholls (Muse, The Streets, Senseless Things), Phil Hurley (Gigolo Aunts), Rat (Ned’s Atomic Dustbin) and Laura Kidd (Penfriend).

Of the release, Miles says…

In recent years I have heard myself muttering the same two words far too many times: ‘Everything’s worse’.

Politically, Trump, Brexit, and Johnson… have all made life worse for most of us than it was before. I feel that the pandemic years have changed us all in ways we could never have predicted, and none for the better. The rise of billionaires who hog the wealth while others struggle simply to survive is an anathema to me. And now, a viscous and unnecessary military action in Ukraine has me feeling less connected to my fellow humans than I have ever been.

In my own chosen field, the online streaming of music has made it pretty much impossible to sustain a life of creativity for musicians and the support systems we all require. The tech’ giants have ruined an industry they had no business poking their greedy noses in, and they give nothing back.

‘Everything’s worse’. It was almost the title of this album. Until that is, I started writing the songs.

I’ve done what I always do, I’ve written about what’s happening around me and what has happened to me in my past. I’ve endeavoured to make the music as uplifting as I ever have as I try to figure out what’s going on in my head, and you know what? Given all of the negativity I’ve just talked about, I’ve come to accept that we live in a constant state of flux. Things can and will change.

One thing that I am sure of is that it is my community of friends and family that keeps me from sinking. It is those people that have injected the optimism into this record. Be them the musicians and recording technicians that have given so much to this record or the people that I interact with each day who are outside of my musical life. All of them keep me going.

The cover image I have chosen for this album either sees me beckoning the listener in or it’s an illustration of me falling away. I can’t decide.

At this point in time, though, I’m thinking that this album will be my last. I’ve been lucky enough to make records across five decades and play to audiences, in their thousands, all over the world. Maybe it’s my age; maybe it’s just that I need something else to sustain me, but I can’t imagine ever knuckling down to do something like making a record again. I’m leaning towards change, and I’m leaning towards optimism.

I’m not sure I feel the need to communicate with the world anymore. I want things to be quieter, I want my life to be calmer, and I want to rid myself of the anxieties that have plagued me my entire life. I’m looking for peace, and I welcome change.

I hope you hear that in this record. And I hope you find your peace too.

Thanks for listening.

Miles Hunt. Summer 2022.

 Watch the video for ‘Things Can Change’ – BELOW:

Miles will be performing tracks from the album, as well as The Wonder Stuff classics and hits on tour throughout October, November & December. Current dates include:-

Saturday 15th – The Snug, Atherton
Sunday 16th – Bask, Stocktport
Saturday 22nd – The Powerhaus, London (Padraig Jack supporting)
Sunday 30th – The Y Theatre, Leicester

Sunday 6th – Square Tower, Portsmouth
Sunday 13th – Shiiine On Weekender, Minehead
Friday 18th – Newhampton Arts Centre, Wolverhampton (Padraig Jack supporting)
Saturday 19th – The Music Room, Liverpool (Padraig Jack supporting)
Sunday 20th – The Irish Club, Warrington (Padraig Jack supporting)
Saturday 26th – Old Chapel, Robin Hood’s Bay

Saturday 3rd – Arnside Sailing Club
Sunday 4th – Arnside Sailing Club

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