MILES HUNT releases his new album ‘The Custodian 2’ on December 11th

MILES HUNT releases his new album ‘The Custodian 2’ on December 11th 1

In 2018 The Wonder Stuff’s Miles Hunt released a thirty track album called ‘The Custodian’ featuring acoustic versions of thirty songs garnered from his four-decade-long career as a singer/songwriter.

The album’s title was inspired by a conversation Hunt had with BBC 6 Music’s very own Tom Robinson when they played a show together in New York City in the early 2000s.

Tom asked Miles who it was that he then considered had true ownership of the songs he had written over the years. Reasoning by that point that the true owner of the songs was now with Hunt’s audience and not their original author. As it was those people that had taken the songs with them throughout their life’s journeys.

As Tom saw it Hunt was now merely The Custodian, the person charged with making sure the songs, when performed live, were treated with the respect the audience expected.

“I loved that idea and it stayed with me for years. It was with this idea that I recorded the first Custodian album in 2018”
says Hunt.

During the 2020 lockdown Hunt performed a series of Facebook Live shows, averaging 2 to 3,000 viewers on each occasion. This inspired him to record a second volume of ‘The Custodian’, featuring a further thirty acoustic versions of songs cherry-picked from his thirty-five-year career as a recording artist.

Hunt says of his Facebook Live experiences “I only lost a handful of shows due to the CV19 lockdown, unlike a fair few of my fellow musician friends I lost very little income, I was fortunate. So I did my Facebook Live shows in the spirit of bringing a little cheer into the lives of the wonderful people that have stayed with me all of these years. And I have to say they were very emotional experiences. There were a lot of people that were contacting me during the shows that were having a really rough time. I felt blessed that they chose to share that with me and extremely humbled that I was able to give them a bit of relief from their troubles.”

‘The Custodian 2’ features songs from The Wonder Stuff’s mighty arsenal as well songs from Hunt’s other band, Vent 414, and records he has made with Erica Nockalls as well as his solo releases.

In addition to the CD release of ‘’The Custodian 2’ both ‘Custodian’ albums are to be released as a vinyl box set – sixty acoustic gems in one beautifully packaged release.

Here’s the full tracklisting;

‘The Custodian’


It’s Not True…


Give, Give, Give Me More, More, More

Can’t Shape Up

Them, Big Oak Trees

The Size Of A Cow

Caught In My Shadow


On The Ropes

Sing The Absurd

I Think I Must’ve Had Something Really Useful To Say

Room 512, All The News That’s Fit To Print


Fits & Starts

Everything Is Not Okay

Flapping On The Pier

Escape From Rubbish Island

Was I Meant To Be Sorry?

Tricks Of The Trade

We Hold Each Other Up


Were You There?

Steady As You Go

Right Side Of The Turf

You Can’t Go Back (To Once Upon A Time)

Don’t You Ever

Good Deeds & Highs

The Sweetest Of Bitterest Ends


The Custodian

‘The Custodian 2’

Down Here

Am A Monster

Meaner Than Mean

A Wish Away

It’s Yer Money I’m After, Baby

Who Wants To Be The Disco King?

Piece Of Sky

Radio Ass Kiss

Cartoon Boyfriend


Welcome To The Cheap Seats

Here Comes Everyone

Sleep Alone

Me, My Mom, My Dad & My Brother

Ten Trenches Deep

A Great Drinker


Hot Love Now!

Life Before You

Immortalising Chase

A Yes & A No


Better Get Ready For A Fist Fight

The Sun Goes Down On Manor Road

The Cake

Friendly Company

The Kids From The Green

When The Currency Was Youth

Don’t Anyone Dare Give A Damn

In My Sights

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