MADONNA confirms plans to go back on tour

MADONNA confirms plans to go back on tour

Madonna has confirmed plans to head back on the road as she admitted she has already started discussions about a new live tour to support her upcoming album 'Madame X'.

The 'Material Girl' hitmaker has confirmed she is planning to head out on the road, and while it is certainly on the cards it sounds like an official announcement isn't coming just yet.

Asked by Billboard about the possibility of going on tour, she responded: "Uh, it's... it's been spoken about in such a deep way that I'm actually having production meetings."

The 60-year-old tar also opened up on three of her top 10 Billboard Hot 100 songs - 'Rescue Me', 'This Used To Be My Playground' and 'I'll Remember' - which she is still yet to ever perform live.

She explained: "I'll tell you why [they haven't been performed]: Because they're very laid back dreamy songs.

"[But 'Rescue Me' is] kinda dope! I've actually... I'll consider that one. Your love has given me hope, OK? To quote the song."

Madonna is set to release her 14th studio album 'Madame X' on June 14, and this week has unveiled her latest single 'I Rise'.

She sings "There's nothing you can do to me that hasn't been done/ Not bulletproof, shouldn't have to run from a gun/ River of tears ran dry, let 'em run/ No game that you can play with me, I ain't one."

The first single released from the upcoming record was 'Medellin', which she performed for the first time at the Billboard Music Awards on Wednesday night (01.05.19) alongside her collaborator Maluma.

She made her triumphant return with a big budget performance seeing her surrounded by holograms of herself.

Each of the hologram Madonnas was wearing a costume modelled by the star in the track's music video.

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