KYLIE MINOGUE ‘anxious’ about Glastonbury performance

KYLIE MINOGUE 'anxious' about Glastonbury performance

Kylie Minogue says she is feeling “anxious” and “nervous” about performing at Glastonbury this summer where she will be performing at the Legends slot on June 30.

The 50-year-old singer – who was scheduled to hit the stage at the music extravaganza in 2005, but was forced to pull out a month before when she discovered that she had breast cancer – is nervous about finally getting to play at the five-day festival on the iconic Pyramid Stage on June 30.

Speaking on ‘The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show’ on Friday (03.05.19) Kylie said: “I keep losing my breath every time someone mentions ‘Glastonbury.’ I’m kinda like ‘yep, yep… that’s happening!’ ”

Zoe commented that the upcoming performance was going to be an “emotional” show considering the history and Kylie recalled: “It was 2005 and that was thrilling at that point in that time.

“That would have been an evening headline slot, and then I received my diagnosis which put a halt to everything. So all those years have passed and I was thinking; ‘I guess that’s never gonna happen for me. I kind of missed the boat on that.’

“And then bang, I was offered the Legends slot! Which is crazy to me and incredibly exciting/nerve-wracking. The emotions attached to that are one thing and then separate to that is just excitement and the anxiety!”

The ‘Love At First Sight’ singer follows in the footsteps of the likes of the Bee Gees star Barry Gibb, Dolly Parton, Neil Diamond and Lionel Richie in performing the Legend slot.

Kylie – who released her 14th studio album ‘Golden’ last year – is “very excited” about her new song ‘New York City’ which was part of the sessions for the record but was put aside for a later release.

And the pop star – who sported iconic skin-tight gold hot pants in the video for her hit track ‘Spinning Around’ which was released in 2000 – revealed she isn’t sure if she will wear her famous short shorts at Glastonbury this year.

She said: “Well that was a suggestion from a journalist. I was like ‘What! I think the hot pants have had their day!’ But hmm… wardrobe TBD!”

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