JUSTIN HAYWARD of The Moody Blues releases his brand new single 'Living For Love'

Justin Hayward

Known principally as the vocalist, lead guitarist and composer for The Moody Blues - Justin Hayward has released his brand new single entitled “Living For Love” via BMG. “Living For Love” is his first release from Hayward in over two years and comes ahead of his tour of the UK happening this month.

Hayward said of the release, “I’m one of a generation that as teenagers, if we were lucky, were living just for love; with the most wonderful music, freedom and optimism. We didn’t really understand at the time but I have to celebrate those days now, while we are still here, and we remember.”

“Living For Love” was recorded in Italy earlier this year, but the release was held until now while Hayward featured in ‘The War Of The Worlds’ tour and completed his rescheduled live solo gigs in the US so that the song could be released ahead of his UK tour. Hayward and his recording partner Alberto Parodi are the only musicians featured on the record.

Listen to 'Living For Love' - BELOW:

Hayward is an enduring talent that has helped to define the times in which he worked. Possessing one of the most distinctive voices in rock music, Hayward penned classics like ‘Nights in White Satin’, ‘Question’, ‘New Horizons’, ‘I Know You’re Out There Somewhere’, ‘Tuesday Afternoon’, ‘Story In Your Eyes, ‘The Voice’ and ‘Your Wildest Dreams’.

As well as his work with The Moody Blues, Hayward has released seven solo studio albums and continues to be in high demand as a performer across the world.

“Living For Love” shows that his creative spark burns as brightly as ever.

Having chalked up over fifty years at the peak of the music and entertainment industry, Justin Hayward’s voice and guitar playing has been heard the world over. Over the last five and a half decades, The Moody Blues has sold upwards of 55 million albums and, along with Justin as a solo artist and writer, received numerous awards. The band was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2018, whilst Hayward was personally honoured this year with an OBE.

Hayward is featured with The Moody Blues on the Rock Walk ‘Hall of Fame’ on Sunset Boulevard and he was awarded ‘The Golden Note’ award from ASCAP, the top honor for a British writer. He has received two Ivor Novello awards and is a member of the famous ‘SODS’ (The Society of Distinguished Songwriters). In 2013, he was elected ‘King SOD’.

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